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An Automatic, Easy and Powerful Collage Maker for Mac; With only three steps, you’ll create photo collage automatically; easy enough for users of all experienced levels. Five collage styles for making photo collage - Mosaic, Grid, Center, Pile and Free Mode. Various collage. Install Photo Collage Maker with Bluestacks software on Mac device. To set up Photo Collage Maker on Mac with the most leading emulator software Bluestacks, at first check the requirement of the android on your device. To get Photo Collage Maker. Free collage maker Fotojet looks very much like Fotor and Canva (below), but is more flexible and fun to use than either, making it our number one choice. To get started, click 'Collage' and choose.

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  • Picture Collage Maker is a straightforward photo collage maker software for making photograph arrangements. It enables you to make computerized scrapbooks, blurbs, schedules, welcoming cards and so on. You can share the arrangements that you make, with your family and companions. It offers 150 unique formats to look over.
  • Download Photo Collage Maker - CollageFactory Free for macOS 10.6 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Photo Collage Maker - CollageFactory is a free yet powerful photo/picture collage creator, It offers many collage features, including classic collage, grid collage and free style collage.

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Joe Pardo, Business Consultant, Speaker,
I love TurboCollage because it enables me to create engaging images to use for my website in a matter of minutes. No need to have Photoshop skills to get creative with the tools available to you with TurboCollage! Thank you for this wonderful app, please keep up the great work!

Nic Barlow, Photographer, London, UK
I have bought several collage makers and it was a relief to come across TurboCollage which did what I wanted. Full resolution of the original files is maintained; printing up to A1 retains the quality of the images. There is excellent control over the look of the layout with the capability of adding text if necessary. I am very happy with TurboCollage.

Trichet Jimmy, System Administrator, France
Thank you for quick and efficient customer service. TurboCollage is great — it’s easy to use, doesn’t require a design background to use, and it has saved me hours of work. Many thanks. I would certainly recommend this to my friends.

Julia Kying, Conceptualist, Designer, Illustrator, Los Angeles, USA
If you haven't heard of TurboCollage, you're going to wish you had. This application allows you to create Mood, Reference, Design, and Storyboards quickly and easily. It's well designed, simple yet powerful, and worth every penny for professionals and hobbyists alike. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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Don’t keep your digital photos hidden in your phone or PC. Memories should be celebrated and shared. That’s why photo collage apps have become so popular in recent years. A photo collage is a technique of combining multiple photos, images or items of sentimental significance to create a beautiful, customized visual representation of a special event or occasion.

Fortunately, smart technology has taken the art of making a photo collage to a new level. Gone are the days of scissors, glue and bulky albums. Now you can put together an amazing work of art using a digital photo collage app.

Share your best holiday photos with a themed collage, or make granny feel extra special on her birthday with a bespoke family legacy album.

The 7 best photo collage apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Making a photo collage is so much fun. It’s also a great way to personalize a gift or commemorate a special event. There are quite a few photo collage apps on the market so when it comes to choosing an app it’s important to consider your device suitability and what sort of features you’d really like to use. With this in mind, we’ve put together a selection of the best photo collage apps for iPhone, iPad or Mac.


Price: Free

Device: iPhone and iPad

Features: PhotoGrid is one of the best photo editor apps on the Google Play Store. The app gives you a lot of different editing options, which you can apply to both your photos and videos. One of their unique features is the WowCam, created specifically for selfies. Unfortunately, PhotoGrid does not support Raw images. It also doesn’t have cloud storage to save your edits online.


Price: $2.99

Device: iPhone and iPad

Features: This photo collage app offers the user more than 190 creative design layouts and you can upload up to 9 files for each layout. Its popularity lies in the app’s ability to allow one to customize their work. Change colors, sizes and aspect ratios. In addition to choosing photos from your iPhone, you can also select photos from your social media accounts, like Facebook or Flickr. Unfortunately, the Diptic app provides users with only basic instructions, so you will have to learn as you go.



Price: $0.99

Device: iPhone and iPad

Best picture collage maker for macBest Photo Collage Maker For Mac

Features: PicCollage helps you create beautiful collages from the photos stored on your phone and from images you source from the web. It’s an excellent choice for those who are new to creating collages. There are a number of different layouts and templates to choose from and you can even save your creations directly in your phone, share it with friends and on your social media networks. On the downside, premium content like frames and stickers, have to be purchased.

Best Photo Collage Maker For Mac


Price: Free

Device: Mac

Features: Collageltis suitable for Mac. The app offers a selection of preset templates so youdon’t have to spend too much time creating and arranging pictures from scratch.It’s the right choice if you want to create a collage quickly. The design makesit easy to apply edits and filters and you can share your creation on socialmedia. It’s quite a basic collage photo app so you might want to upgrade tosomething more sophisticated when you get bored with the limited functionality.

Motif Photos

Price: Starting at$0.99

Device: iPhone and Mac

Best Photo Collage Maker For Mac

Features: Motif is one of the few photo printing apps that is suitable for both an iPhone and Mac. Motif is the app extension for Photos, so it allows you the opportunity to create, organize and edit personal photo books. This premium app system provides you with all the creative tools you need to create a remarkable piece of art.


Price: Free

Device: iPhone and iPad

Features: Canva is a good choice for those who aren’t very good at graphic design. This is because there are tools and features that make it easy to apply your photos into ready-made custom layouts. The result: Canva will make your look like a design superstar! Unfortunately, the designs are a bit repetitive. It must also be noted that some users found the mobile app version for this tool difficult to use.


Price: Free

Device: iPhone and iPad

Features: PicStitch offers all the standard features of most collage apps but it also allows the user to insert video clips into layouts. The app functions as a simple photo editor, which allows you to put your photos into elegant frames. Just be advised that the app comes with a lot of ads, which can be quite distracting and you’ll have to upgrade at a cost if you want access to premium content.

How to make a photo collage

Making a photo collage is a relatively straightforward procedure. A lot of people ask how to make a photo collage on an iPhone or a Mac. We suggest that you learn the basics and follow the app’s instruction guide. You will soon get the hang of it.

1. Open you photos

When you’re in the photo collage app you will need to open your photos and choose the images you wish to use. You should be able to open pictures from your PC, phone device, social media networks or photo backup system – it all depends on the app you’re using.

2. Select a layout

Collage Maker For Mac

Once you’ve selected your photos, you will need to choose a layout. The collage app will provide you with a number of different layouts and themes. Select something that appeals to you and you can build out the creation from this starting point.

3. Customize! Customize! Customize!

Now you’re ready to personalize your photo collage. It’s really a matter of playing around with the app’s functionalities. You should be able to edit your photos, resize, add special effects and apply filters. Once you’re done with the creation, you can save your work and share it with the world.

5 tips for making a photo collage

When you learn how to make a photo collage it can become quite addictive. Soon, you will delight your friends and family with your enviable skills. We came up with five top tips to help you get started.

1. Borders & frames

Use a border to help break up different parts of a design or to frame a specific item or message. Make sure your border colors complement your photos. Look for common colors in the images and then blend with a suitable border. You can even use unconventional border shapes, like a heart or triangle, for added effect.

2. Sizing

Best Photo Collage Maker For Mac

You don’t have to work with photos that are all the same size. Use of a mix of sizes and layouts (portrait and landscape). Make it interesting by selecting a primary photo as the focus and then add in some supporting photos.

3. Themes

Don’t jumble a whole bunch of your photos together. Photo collages work best when planned with a particular theme. Once you’ve decided on your topic or theme you can choose an appropriate template in the app that will support this idea.

Holsclaw boat trailer serial number. 4. Filters

Use the app’s filter tool to create uniformity in your photos. For instance, if you have a sequence of photos taken in different lighting, it can create a harsh contrast. Blend your colors with the filter and create a tone that suits your design.

5. Color scheme

Color is a powerful design tool. Different colors can help create certain emotions, like passionate red or calming blue. Make sure your color choices reflect your theme or message. Avoid using contrasting colors that will contradict your design aesthetic.

Download the Motif app

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Take your best photo moments and close the distance with Motif.

Experience the joy of creating personalized photo projects with Motif. Our photo book app seamlessly works with Apple Photos in macOS and iOS. It does all the complicated stuff leaving the fun creative freedom to you.