Can I Use Ipad Apps On My Mac

Click on the Apple icon located in the top menu-bar of your Mac and then click on the System. If you want to run apps from your iPad on a Mac, the traditional answer is that you can't – at least not ordinarily. There is an exception — you can use an iPadOS emulator on your Mac.

Apple’s iOS supports several ways to display itself on a larger screen like PC, Mac, and TV. AirPlay mirroring technology is the most common method used to share iPad screen on Mac. While in this article, we will show you another two feasible ways to display your iPad screen on your Mac’s display so that you can share contents with others, host an interactive webinar, or even record your iPad on Mac’s large screen.

You can use Sidecar wirelessly, but to keep your iPad charged during use, connect it directly to your Mac with the USB charge cable that came with your iPad. Start a Sidecar session If you're using macOS Big Sur, click the Display menu in Control Center or the menu bar, then choose your iPad from the menu. When in use, you can use your iPad to mirror your Mac display or as a second display for additional screen space. Or you can use your iPad as a graphics tablet for drawing with your Apple Pencil. A lack of good Google Apps apps makes my iPad pro experience worse, and makes me retreat back to my Mac. But in a lot of surprising places, I consider the iPad and Mac at parity.

Terrific Ways on How to Mirror iPad to Mac

QuickTime Player – Default Way to Share iPad Screen on Mac

QuickTime Player is bundled with MacOS and you can use this default app on Mac to share your iPad screen. There are many pros with Quicktime to cast your iPad content to Mac’s screen. It costs nothing, provides instant responsiveness and can be set up easily. You can follow the guidance below to screen share iPad to Mac.

  1. Connect your iPad to your Mac with a USB cable.
  2. Launch QuickTime on your Mac after connection.
  3. Tap on “File” button and then find “New Movie Recording” from the list.
  4. As the input device will be set to the iSight camera on your Mac, please hit the down arrow next to the record button. Select iPad from the camera list and then you can show iPad screen on Mac.

Tips: In addition to mirroring iOS screen on Mac, you can also use QuickTime Player to record iPad screen on a Mac display.

ApowerMirror – Wirelessly and Conveniently Share iPad Screen on Mac

If you do not have a wire at hand, another good way that you can use to wirelessly cast your iPad screen to your Mac is called ApowerMirrror. It is a popular screen mirroring application for iOS and Android devices. And it can work smoothly both on your Windows PC and Mac. As long as your iOS devices enjoy AirPlay capability, you can mirror the iOS screen on PC or Mac with this tool. Now let’s take a close look at steps below to show iPad screen on Mac.

  1. Visit ApowerMirror website on your Mac and then download this app.
  2. Install this tool and launch it on your Mac.
  3. Set your iPad and Mac under the same wireless network.
  4. Click “AirPlay Mirroring” and “Apowersoft” after swiping up from the bottom of your iPad’s home screen.
  5. Once finished, you can share iPad Screen on Mac and enjoy contents on a larger screen.

The amazing part of ApowerMirror is that it allows you to mirror multiple iOS devices on PC or Mac simultaneously. What’s more, it empowers you to mirror iOS to Android or vice versa. Due to its steady performance and easy operation, this app has been well-received and applied to serving various purposes. You can use it in the classroom, office, presentation center and so forth. In addition to its mirror function, ApowerMirrror can also record your iOS or Android screen on PC or Mac.


Another iPad supporting screen-sharing app that you can consider using is LetsView. LetsView is a multitasking platform that allows you to mirror your device to your Mac and other devices’ platform. It can do screen mirroring as the main function, screen recording, screen capturing and annotating. All these great features for free if you download LetsView on your iPad and PC. Also, aside from mirroring it to your Mac, you can do cross-platform mirroring. You can mirror it on Android, Windows, and TV. It’s worth the try. On the other hand, if you decided to use it, a walkthrough is written below.

  • Download and install the app on your iPad by going to your App Store. For your PC, click on the download button below.

  • Connect both devices under the same Wi-fi network
  • From the home screen of your phone, swipe up to reveal your control panel.
  • Tap on “screen mirroring” then choose the name of your Mac and tap it.
  • The mirroring will then begin.

Note: for iPhone X and XS users, swipe down from the upper right side of the home screen to reveal your control center.


The above content introduces you both the wired and wireless methods to share iPad screen on Mac. With this guidance, you can easily demonstrate your iPad screen on your Mac’s big screen. Of course, there are other methods available to serve this purpose. To make this article more readable, we warmly welcome you to recommend more apps in the comment below.

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Here’s my “up to date”, comprehensive, but still incomplete, list of Adonit Pixel compatible apps for the iPad/iPad Pro.

Most apps listed support pressure sensing and palm rejection.

Compatible Adonit Pixel apps for drawing

Ipad Apps On Mac Os

Animation Desk


Adobe Photoshop Sketch

palm rejection ONLY, No pressure, no sensing/line variations )


Art Studio Pro

( fully supports the Adonit Pixel and is just as great as Procreate on the iPad )

AutoDesk SketchBook

Colored Pencil Speech to text applications for mac.

Comic Draw


Interactive SketchBook


Medibang Paint

Open Ipad Apps On Mac



(Adonit is supported as an unsupported stylus, but all stylus features still work, palm rejection IS improved using special, non-body electrical conducting, lycra-based material drawing glove )

Tayasui Sketches/Sketches Pro

( Full support for the Adonit Pixel )

Tayasui Sketches School

( this new, free version works with this stylus, but without any palm rejection or pressure sensing, so you need to use a special, non-body electrical conducting drawing glove with the Sketches School version to lay your hand/palm down on the iPad’s screen )


ZenBrush/Zen Brush 2

Compatible Adonit Pixel apps for Notes and Notes with drawing types of apps.

GoodNotes 4 or 5


( palm rejection noticeably improved using special, non-body electrical conducting, lycra-based material drawing glove )

Note Shelf 2

Install Ipad Apps On Mac

Notes Plus

( the current version has, temporarily, removed support for all third party, smart Bluetooth stylii Hopefully, this may return in future update ).

Notes Writer

( palm rejection improved using special, non-body electrical conducting, lycra-based material drawing glove )

QuickNotes X Pro ( palm rejection ONLY. No pressure sensing for light/dark or thin/thick lines )


Zoom Notes


This stylus works with other non-compatible apps, too, but without any palm rejection and/or pressure features.

You can use this stylus with other apps but will not be able to lay your palm on the screen, unless you use special, non-body electrical conducting, lycra-based material drawing glove that works by isolating your hand/palm and allow you to lay your hand/palm on the screen as you draw in these non-compatible Adonit stylus apps.

Something like this found on Amazon.

Can I Use Ipad Apps On My Macbook

Many more makers of these types of gloves on Amazon.

Use Ipad App On Mac


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