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What should you do to get a screenshot of your Mac? If you are a Windows user, you will be satisfied with the Snipping tools. It is a powerful utility with four different modes, Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, and Full-screen Snip. But the software is only available for Windows now. The article will explains the best 5 alternative snipping tools for Mac. If you do have a desired software, you can share the features in the comments.

1. Grab

Free Snipping Tool For Mac Download

Grab is default snipping tool for Mac of Apple, which provides a default solution to get screenshot with hotkeys. It should be the most frequently used method as the alternative. Just learn more detail about the method to cut the desired snipping with hotkeys.

  • 1. Shift + Command + 3 to capture the whole screen, by default, the solution for the whole screen is 1280*800.
  • 2. Shift + Command + 4 to capture a custom rectangle, you can click and drag over the screen region to the desired part.
  • 3. Shift + Command + 4 with Space, which enables you to capture a specific window. You can move the mouse cursor over the desired windows to get the part.
  • 4. Esc to cancel the process of snipping.

Snipping Tool For Mac free download - COBRA Snipping Tool, Snipping Tool, PDF Snipping Tool, and many more programs. Download the snipping tool for mac alternative. Snip is a free application that is available on the Mac Store. So, How to install Snip on your Mac device: Visit the Mac Apps Store; Go to Apps Section; Now Search “Snip” Install the Snip tool Easily; Conclusion.

All the screenshot will be saved to the desktop automatically in PNG format. Of course, you can also use the snipping tool to Mac to save the screenshot to other format, such as JPG, TIFF, PDF, PNG, BMP or PICT. Here is the command line you should enter when you want to change file format.

Windows 7 service pack 3 update download. defaults write type image_format
killall SystemUIServer

2. Snip

Snip is another software, which is able to capture the active Window or custom areas. What is more, it can automatically identify windows. As one of the most popular free Mac snipping tools, there are many excellent features you can enjoy, especially when you need to put a large number of files to Word.

  • 1. Add labels, texts and handwriting contents of your choice and save it to your device or the clipboard.
  • 2. Snip can identify windows open automatically, and you can also custom the area manually according to your requirements.
  • 3. There are some special tags, such as rectangle, ellipse, arrow, text and even draw with handwriting brushes.
  • 4. The Mac snipping tool supports a custom location, size and color.
  • 3. Skitch

    Skitch is another favorite snipping tool for Mac, which is developed by EverNote. It is able to take multiple screenshot and annotate them without problem. Skitch includes an interesting UI widget that helps you take the screenshot simple and coherent. Just learn more detail about the special features of the Skitch as below.

  • 1. The powerful annotation marks restore the visual element to remote communication just as standing next to someone.
  • 2. The snipping tool for Mac also provides a fuss free way to save your work or attach them to email in convenience.
  • 3. It has more functions than the Windows snipping tools, and more importantly, it makes everything interesting and funny.
  • 4. And there are other sharing and editing features that make the screenshot just as your requirements.

Generally speaking, Skitch is an easy and fun to use snipping software for Mac. Just run the software, open up an image, annotate and send them. The software lets you visually highlight images to help your point.

4. Snagit

Snagit should be the powerful solution to create and edit screenshots. The snipping tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac. And you can also use it for mobile capture as well. You can download TechSmith Fuse for Android or iOS phones to capture screenshot for mobile. And then send photos and videos from mobile device straight to Snagit editor.

  • 1. Creating Animated GIF feature should be my favorite, which turns any short screen recording into an animated GIF. Show off quick tasks and workflows without a large file size.
  • 2. It not only customizes and edit every screenshot, but also provides professional quality markup tools. And even convert to the right formats.
  • 3. It is able to take a full-page screenshot, which is able to grab the horizontal, vertical, or entire scrolling area within just one click.
  • 4. It is able to capture wide, horizontal scrolls, infinitely scrolling webpages, and everything between.

It is a powerful snipping tool for Mac, which grabs your entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling screen. Grab any webpage or application, which requires a single hotkey or click.

Tipard Screen Capture

Download Snipping Tool Free Mac

In order to quick screen capture and recording for your desktop, Tipard Screen capture should be the best snipping tools for Windows alternative. It is not only capture screen, record online video with best quality, but also customize the screen size, set capture time and cursor and more. Just learn more detail about the All-in-One software for Windows.

  • 1. Tipard Screen Capture is able to capture screens in high quality, which helps you capture screen movements and actions easily.
  • 2. The Snipping tool is also able to record audio files both from computer or microphone.
  • 3. You can also preview the video once you complete the process of capturing screen.
  • 4. The software supports multiple online video sites, video and audio formats according to your requirements.
  • 5. Easily customize the screen size according to your needs.

Besides the functions, you can also use some editing features to create some professional video tutorials, capture some interesting screenshots, or grab some online streaming videos. It should be the ultimate snipping tools for you.


Just as mentioned, when you need to search for the best snipping tools for mac, the default Grab for Mac should be initial choice. When you need to add special annotations, Skitch can be taken into consideration. As for the users with OICQ or need some small size software, you can choose snip. In order to use the snipping tools for Mac, Windows and smartphone, Snagit is another solution to get the desired screenshot. Tipard Screen capture is the ultimate software to capture screen, video and audio files of your computer, you can always snip the desired files. If you want to share more detail about the desired Mac snipping tools, you can add them in the comments to us now.

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Table of Contents
  1. What Is Snipping?

Have you ever wanted to capture a screenshot of your Mac’s screen, but don’t know how? It’s a common issue faced by many Mac users every day snip it for Mac. Thankfully, there is a solution — it’s called snipping tool Mac.

If you don’t know how to snip on Mac, keep reading for a full guide about learning to use a Mac.

What Is Snipping?

Snipping tool Mac is a specific way to take a screenshot on your computer (Mac in this case).

Download Snipping Tool Mac Free

Snipping is different than an average screenshot. When you take a screenshot, you’re left with an image of the full computer screen. This includes the entire user interface, from the top-bar to the hot-bar at the bottom of the screen.

When you snip, you can choose a specific portion of the screen to take a shot of. Usually, this is done by clicking and dragging your mouse across the area you want to capture. This lets you take screenshots of smaller portions of your screen, and whole-screen-shots without things like the hot-bar entering the picture.

How to Snip on Mac?

There are a few different ways you can snip on Mac. Fortunately for everyone, none of them are very complex.

Here are a few of the many ways you can learn how to snip on Mac and get the tips to start using a Mac like the Mac Pro you are.

Use Mac’s Built-In Snipping Tool Mac

The easiest way to take a snip on Mac is to use the built-in Mac snipping tool.

Mac’s snipping tool isn’t an application, but rather a keyboard shortcut. Most people know you can take a screenshot by hitting ‘shift + command + 3.’ What most people don’t know is you can also take a snip by hitting ‘shift + command + 4.’

Once you hit ‘shift + command + 4’ your mouse pointer will turn into a crosshair. With the crosshair, click and drag a square over the area you want to capture. You can snip as large or small an area as you desire.

Once you’ve got the area you wish to snip covered, simply release the mouse button and you’re done. You can view your snips and screenshots by hitting ‘shift + command + 5’ to open the Screenshot app.

Shift + Command + 5

By just clicking ‘Shift + Command + 5’ you get the Screenshot app/toolbar.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see options to capture the whole screen, a selected window or portion, or even record areas of the screen. Under ‘Options’ there are timer selections, and pointer visibility options among other things.

You can use this bar to take more control over your snips. It doesn’t offer anything radically different, but is great for those who want screen recording.

This is a perfect way to snip for most snip it for Mac users, but for some it won’t be enough. The built-in snipping tool offers the most bare-bones snipping experience. If you want a more feature-full snip it for Mac, try some of the options below.

Snagit: Advanced Features

Download Snipping Tool Free Mac Os

Snagit brings Mac snipping tool to the next level with some truly advanced features.

Snagit is both a snipping tool, and a screen recording tool. It lets you take snips like normal, and record a video of your screen. These aren’t what sets Snagit apart from the competition, though.

The coolest Snagit feature is panoramic snipping. This lets you take long snips down a scrolling web or other page. This is much faster and more reliable than taking multiple snips of a single long-form page and splicing them together.

Another cool feature is text extraction. With Snagit, you can take a snip, then copy the text from said screenshot into a text document. With this feature, you can save yourself a lot of time copying text you might need from images.


Beyond that, Snagit also has webcam and GIF capture, and editing/sharing options for all your snips. If you want a true 21st-century snipping tool, Snagit is the choice for you.

Droplr: Snipping Tool Mac at a Business Level

If you want a snipping tool at a business level, try Droplr.

With Droplr, you can make GIFs, record your screen, and take snips for a low monthly cost. Droplr utilizes the cloud to save all your snips and recordings, and even gives you a shortened link to share all these snips through. This gives you a way to quickly share your Droplr snips with friends and co-workers without any lengthy downloads.

Droplr snaps can be sorted into boards and tags through the Droplr interface, including the option to tag points of interest on the snip. Every snip and recording is encrypted to keep them secure. It’s also got tons of integration options with apps like Slack and Photoshop to make sharing and editing as easy as possible.

If you’ve got a lot of serious snipping to do, Droplr will get it done in Mac snipping tool.

Skitch: A Free Snip It for Mac

Download Snipping Tool Free Mac Download

If you want a free snipping tool, try Skitch.

With Skitch, you can take and edit snips, then share them online in moments. Skitch is fast to launch and use, and has a friendly interface that’s easy to learn. Each icon is nice and big, making the application very simple to navigate.

Skitch gives you mark-up tools like highlighters, shapes, blurring, and cropping tools to perfect your snips. If you have an Evernote premium account, you can even markup PDFs with Skitch.

There’s no better free snip tool Mac than this how to snip on mac.

Learn Mac Snipping Tool for a Picture

Above are just a few of the most convenient and feature-full ways on how to snip on Mac. Review the content above to learn snip tool Mac, and experiment with a few different apps to find the right way for you. You’ll be taking professional-level screenshots in no time.

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