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CorelCAD for Mac is from the makers of the extremely successful CorelDRAW graphic design program CorelDRAW for Mac which no longer exists. CorelCAD for Mac 2018 lives on however and it’s pretty good too for a professional standalone CAD software under $1000. Popular Drafting Software from CADPro has easy to use tools for home design,floor plans,house plans,home improvement,home repair,home remodeling,house floor plans and landscaping.

We already covered the ten free and useful CAD software for every type of platform.

  • Vectorworks is an object-oriented CAD software for Mac OS. The software primarily uses for 2D Drafting, technical drawing, and highly effective 3D modeling. It gives 2D, 3D, production management, and presentation capabilities for all levels of the design.
  • Popular Drafting Software from CADPro has easy to use tools for home design,floor plans,house plans,home improvement,home repair,home remodeling,house floor plans and landscaping.

Here is another ten best CAD software for Mac that will run natively on the Mac OS X operating system. Faceshift download windows.

It is fully compatible with the Mac operating system and no need to use any specific emulation software or a compatibility layer to uses this software.

1 Vectorworks CAD for Mac

Vectorworks is an object-oriented CAD software for Mac OS. The software primarily uses for 2D Drafting, technical drawing, and highly effective 3D modeling.

It gives 2D, 3D, production management, and presentation capabilities for all levels of the design course.

It additionally very versatile, so designers have the complete freedom to design how they want and very handy to create, model, and present easily and precisely with one software.

Website – Vectorworks

2 AutoCAD for Mac

AutoCAD for Mac is a robust 3D free form design tool and powerful drafting capabilities for your favorite platform.

It has a simple, Intuitive graphical User interface that makes your ideas into reality.

It saves all your work into DWG format, so you can easily share files with clients, suppliers, and partners around the world, regardless of platform.

Website: AutoCAD for Mac

3 CADintosh for Mac

CADintosh for Mac is a 2D-CAD software for electrical, mechanical, and architectural drawings.

It has interactive window redrawing, where users can work at the same time as the window redrawing.

You can easily import and export your work into multiple formats such as HPGL, DXF, and PICT.

There are two types of modes provided by the software. One is Pen oriented Mode, and another one is the individual Mode.

Pen oriented Mode gives you 8 line widths/line colors/pens, and individual Mode gives you line width from 0.0 to 99.99 mm, pattern, and colors.

Website: CADintosh for Mac

4 BRL-CAD for Mac

BRL-CAD is a powerful cross-platform solid geometry (CSG) modeling system.

The software comes with interactive geometry editor, ray-tracing for rendering & geometric analyses, network distributed frame buffer support, image & signal-processing tools.

Website: BRL – CAD

5 Domus CAD – 3D Architectural CAD for Mac

Domus CAD is a 3D Architectural Parametric CAD that allows you to create a three-dimensional element without starting from a two-dimensional plane.

It provides ready elements such as walls, floors, roofs, and stairs that built from the onset in their full three-dimensional form.

You can easily see the 3D model changes in real-time as you design in your plan.

Best Drafting Software For Mac

Website: Domus.Cad

6 Sailcut CAD for Mac

Sailcut CAD is a sail design and plotting software. It means that you can design and visualize your personal sail and compute the actualgrowth of all panels in flat sheets.

Sailcut CAD is ready to do cross cut, twist foot cut, vertical cut, mitre cut, and radial cut sail design as well as wing sails, all in quite a few languages.

It alsoincludes a viewer whereyou’ll be able to assemble a hull, a rig, and a set of sails to see how they match.

Sailcut CAD has been successfully used for making sails for racing and cruising yacht as well as for model boats.

Website: Sailcut CAD

7 MacDraft Pro for Mac

MacDraft Pro is the 2D CAD software that makes it easy to design floor plans, architectural drawings, and illustration simple on the Mac.

Create detailed and professional 2D drawings in moments, with this easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable drafting software.

With its precise vector tools, smart units, and fully-featured scaled atmosphere, MacDraft Pro is designed to implement an easy-to-use solution without wasting too much time to learn techniques to use more complicated software.

The latest version of MacDraft Pro contains some important changes and features that make it more intuitive, highly effective, and easy-to-use than ever before.

Adding a wide range of features not only make MacDraft Pro easier but also speed up your design process.

Best Design Software For Mac

Website: MacDraft Pro

8 HighDesign 2D CAD for Mac

HighDesign is the alternative, fully featured 2D CAD software for Mac OS.

it’s a perfect combination of advanced drafting and design tool with a modern, performance based user interface designed to help the user in every stage of the creative process.

HighDesign offers in-depth knowledge of drawing and editing skills, from the vital drafting methods to extra superior, DXF/DWG compatibility.

parametric tools like vector hatches and patterns, smart annotations, symbols with several views, partitions, columns, windows and doors, and more.

The software is really helpful to satisfy the actual requirements of architects, engineers, and design professionals.

it allows them to design difficult projects with accuracy and strong management over several parts of the projects.

Website: HighDesign

9 QCAD for Mac

QCad is a software for computer-aided drafting in two dimensions (2D).

With QCad you’ll be able to create technical drawings such as plans for buildings, interiors, and mechanical components, or schemas and diagrams.

QCad works on Windows, Mac, and many Linux and Unix systems. The source code of the QCad community edition is launched under the GPL license.

Website: QCAD

10 Graphite for Mac

Graphite is a 2D and 3D wireframe CAD software for Mac. The software is previously known as Vellum.

It has a simple, easy to use user interface that helps creative people to create a precision drawing and Drafting without having any knowledge.

With Graphite, the user can create 2D and 3D wireframe designs of immense complexity and precision detail.

Website: Graphite

2D Design Software is one of the basic requirements of any graphic designer and animator for visualization as well as the creation of designs which can be changed and edited in real time. You should make sure that the program of your choice has all the right tools to initiate and execute creative ideas. Some programs are very helpful in drawing 2D drawings, but the best of the software has a range of features to ease off the task.


In this era of fast moving technology, there are numerous 2D drawing software that can be downloaded free of cost. These software are used to complete set of drawings for 2D pictures, making it easier and quicker to design. Here are some of the best 2D design software.

Vector Engineer

It is one of the best 2D design software online having a fully functional version with Pro-tools that offer technical drawing and multi-purpose CAD system. It includes all the features required to create pictures, perfect designs, proper plans, and layouts, and diagrams in a quick and easy mouse drove Windows environment. It has all comprehensive drawing aids that make it the perfect choice for the experts and beginners as well.


It is a computer-aided design and drafting software program for creating two-dimensional drawings specifically 2D landscape design software. The CAD X11 Demo aims to let users see the features available to those who purchase the fully working CAD X11 program that has been designed with drafters and designers.


T-FLEX CAD is a continuously improved application for Windows and all other operation systems. It is a full-function software system easing the job of professionals in the field of mechanical design and professional configuration experts, with tools and devices they need for meeting several challenges like conceptual sketching, rapid prototyping, drafting, and designing etc.

Other Platforms

2D Drawing Software are also available for other platforms and not just the mainstream operating system. We have compiled the list of the best software with all tools required when designing, all tools good designing software should provide. These software are quite easy to use and would help to do the designing easily.

QCAD for Linux

It is a free COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN (CAD) software application for 2D design and drafting. It is available for most of the prominent operating systems. It’s consistent QCAD GUI is based on the recognized Qt framework. It has the intuitive user interface for the bitmap to vector conversion. Features include layers, blocks (grouping), added various Metrical and Imperial units, etc.

Autodesk – 2D Drafting and Drawing for Windows

Supported by Windows, Autodesk is one of the most widely used 2D designing software for drafting and drawing. It helps you create and edit technical drawings, annotate designs. It has many tools in forms of drafters to develop right floor plans, perfect building permit drawings and building inspection programs as well as landscaping layouts.

Libre CAD for Mac

LibreCAD is a free Computer-Aided Design (CAD) application with innovative tools for 2D design. It is readily available for all the widely used operation systems and is popularly used on Mac, and is very helpful for those who seek innovation any generates 2D structures of many kinds. Its improved features make it easier to use for users with experience of this type of commercial CAD application.

Most Popular Software – Techsoft

Free Drafting Software For Mac

Techsoft is primarily used in designing for a long time which gives the software in this field decades of experience delivering superior tools and services for greater possibilities and efficient use. It is perfect for those who believe in high quality and the software continuously works for the improvement of excellent customer support, management, technology, clients’ satisfaction. You can also see Drafting Software

What is 2D Designing Software?

2D Designs in developing strategic and efficient for the storytelling that every graphic designer is in some ways. It requires individual drawing skills. The 2D design software helps designers to create effectively and visualize their concept. Specifically, the 2D designing software allows the creation of a two-dimensional design that is still one of the most widely used methods in the advertisement, cartoons and movies as well. You can also see 3D Design Software

The experts are capable of using of computer-aided design and drafting software include architecture, engineering. 2D designing software is also widely used in building and interior design, construction firms, manufacturers or public agencies.

To get good results, it is necessary that you make your website accurate. Once you start working with this software, you have an appropriately natural part of the work that can be done. It helps you to generate compelling and creative content with the ease of use producing interactive results.


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