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Emagic AMT8 working under Windows 7 32bit

Make your AMT8 (and possibly your Unitor) work under windows 7 32bit using the serial connection!

Problem: The format of the drivers for the AMT8 and Unitor is no longer usable in Windows 7, and when Emagic was bought by Apple they obviously did not invest in future support of Windows users.
Solution: This involves some manual registry editing and possibly a bit of soldering if you don't have the original serial cable of the unit. The drivers, sounddiver-based editor and manual for the unit can be found @ the bottom of this page.
I found the following info on the Steinberg forums, adapted it to my system and got the serial drivers installed and working under Windows 7 :-)

One BIG WARNING though: the registry keys contained in the files are those correct for MY PC and MY configuration, you must adapt them to yours. Backup EVERYTHING before, if you're not sure what you're doing.
Emagic amt8 (serial) Driver install (custom)
In Windows 7 32 bit:
- copy UNIS2K.dll in c:WindowsSystem32;
- copy UNIS2K.sys in c:WindowsSystem32drivers;
- start Regedit;
- go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass{4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318};
- note down the last subkey number of that key;
- open amt8s_1.reg (contained in the attached zip file) with Notepad;
- 'Find and replace' every instance of '0XYZ' with last subkey number + 1;
(for example, if last subkey number is 0008, 'Find and replace' '0XYZ' with '0009');
- exit and save amt8s_1.reg;
- do the same with amt8s_2.reg (also contained in the attached zip file);
- double click on amt8s_1.reg;
- start Regedit;
- go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumRoot;
- right click on Root;
- NOTE: my Windows 7 version is localized in Italian; I don't know the exact English equivalent for the following steps, if you use the English Windows 7 localization;
- Autorizzazioni;
- Avanzate;
- Proprietario -> Modifica proprietario in:
- click on Paolo (Paolo-PCPaolo); this is my username on Windows, you must click on your username;
- OK;
- Utenti e gruppi -> click on DIRITTI PROPRIETARIO;
- enable Consenti -> Controllo completo;
- OK;
- double click on amt8s_2.reg;
- restore previous Proprietario;
- reboot;
One last thing: I absolutely don't guarantee this will work for you, do at your own risk! Anyway, please let me know should it work!

If you do not have the original serial cable (anymore) you will have to make/adapt one yourself because the pinout of the serial cable is NOT standard. Many thanks to the Kymata Recording Studio for providing the following information:

Asus ips usb monitor for mac. AMT8 RS232 Wiring

WhenAppleboughtEmagicthey discontinued the AMT8 MIDI interface but you can still find them second hand.

They can be connected by USB or serial cable (serial cable has the advantage of longer cable runs) but beware, the serial cable required isn't a standardNull Modemtype cable and you wont be able to buy a ready made cable off the shelf. Perhaps the easiest way to make your own is to buy a Null Modem cable, cut one end off and rewire the end you cut off so that it corresponds with this diagram:

Pin numbers are normally embossed into the plastic next to the pins; you may need a magnifying glass to see them.

Patch management
The original cd-rom came with an application from Sounddiver that allows configuration of the stand-alone mode patches. Sadly this totally craps out in Windows 7, and runs very buggy in XP.
That is why i wrote a new editor using the Ctlr framework. For now only the midi-routing is implemented, but i will add the filtering matrix in the future. Find it here.
Emagic Unitor 8 Driver

Unitor 8 Driver


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Setting up the Emagic Unitor 8 is pretty simple. Just plug your USB cable into it and into your computer, and then make whatever types of MIDI connections you need, which could be as simple as send your keyboard MIDI out to the Unitors MIDI input, or could be more complicated if you have more MIDI connections to make. Although I suspect emagic unitor 8 are now the least used features of the Unitor8, I will continue to make this functional. ADATA CLASSIC CH91 DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 7 Posted on Mar 22, 5: These are merely a collection of saved settings that you can emagic unitor 8 out from one of the other panels. How dmagic Neve revisions? Question: Q: Unitor 8 - windows 8.1 driver. Hi, I was happily using my Unitor 8 on a Windows XP computer, but the newer versions of Windows don't have a driver that work for them. Last year i`ve contacted the developer of the emagic drivers. He would code new drivers if apple will give the okay that they don`t have a problem with him doing so.