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Converts subtitles from DVDs and PGS files into Advanced Substation Alpha text format.

The subtitles you see on a DVD is just a stream of image files which appear one after the other. Unlike the text based subtitle files, subtitles on DVD cannot be edited, scaled or modified in ways that is possible with text based subtitle files. Extracting subtitles from a DVD is hence a two step process. You could get desired subtitles with Forced Subtltes, or Forced Subtitles only. Besides converting DVD movies, it could even edit DVD movies, apply 3D movie effects, merge DVD files into one, play back DVD discs, etc. The below steps would show you how to rip DVD with Forced Subtitle only by using Leawo DVD Ripper.

What's new in DVD Subtitle Extractor

  • Feature: Option on OCR dialog to wait for Enter key before taking manually typed OCR matches (to allow multi-key character entry)
  • Feature: Option on Options dialog to not automatically remove spaces before ?!;: characters (French keeps such spaces, English does not)
  • Fix: Added several Greek characters to the 'do not split automatically' lists because of found OCR errors
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DVD Subtitle Extractor is a software utility built specifically for extracting subtitles from DVDs and converting them to Advanced Substation Alpha format. It can generate audio and subtitle tracks, provided that you have specified a DVD folder. It sports a simplistic interface and many useful functions for dealing with such a task.

The developer tried to make things as simple as possible when it comes to extracting subtitles from DVDs, and designed this tool as a wizard-style application. Basically, there are three steps that need to be carried out, and more experienced users may fiddle with some advanced options.

Firstly, you should upload a folder by using the browse function (the “drag and drop” support is not included), and secondly you are allowed to select the audio tracks, DVD angle, and to create a sample video with the selected audio track. The final step enables the creation of MPG, D2V and BIN files.


There are several configuration settings provided by the app, as it allows users to select the output location, and specify the minimum DVD track length and sample video length. Moreover, it is possible to save SRT files as ANSI, to select the font size, outline and shadow, and to pick the subtitle colors.

All things considered, DVD Subtitle Extractor proves to be a handy tool that can help you extract subtitles from DVDs and convert them to MPG, D2V and BIN files. Thanks to its clean layout and step-by-step approach, it can be used by beginners and experts alike.

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DVD Subtitle Extractor

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I guess you'll agree with me that most DVD ripping tools out there handle video and audio pretty well but unfortunately just do not manage subtitles that good at all. They either 'burn' the subtitles on the video which means you cannot turn them off or create .sub files. In the other hand, .srt subtitles is much more handy than any of the choices above. It's plain text, so it is small sized and can be formated by the player to the liking of the user. Also it is very easy to merge in containers like mkv so that you can have video, audio and subtitles in one file.
So the best solution is to create the video file using the DVD rip program of your choice and then rip the subtitles using something else. In this guide we will use one of the most popular programs that can do this task, SubRip.

Load SubRip and in the main window click the 'VOB' button in the toolbar (it is the very first one). The window above will open. First, you will have to click Open IFO and load the first .IFO file of the DVD. That will probably be VTS_01_0.IFO. After you load it, check the filenames to make sure everything is OK, there should be 4 or more VOB files of a big size (size appears in the right). Make sure you select all of them but the first, and right at the top select the Language stream you want to rip.
In the right part of the window, leave Characters matrix file to New File (we will explain what that means at the end) and make sure 'SubPictures to Text via OCR' is selected in the Actions option. Finally, click Start to begin the ripping process.

SubRip is using OCR (optical character recognition) to convert the subtitles, which in the DVD are stored as images, to text. Because of that you'll need to manually input each character the first time SubRip finds it. It may sound like a big job, but usually in 5-10 minutes you will enter everything SubRip needs to continue the ripping automatically.
You can see an example dialog above. All you have to do is check the blue character in the image, enter it below and click OK. Just make sure you enter the correct one (they are case-sensitive) or the subtitle created will have dozens of errors.

Extract Subtitles From Dvd To Sub+idx

Above you can see SubRib working. Usually ripping a 2 hour movie's subtitles after you're done with the manual character input takes a little less than an hour. Just make sure you are around, since SubRip might find an unrecognizable character anytime, and of course halt the ripping process waiting for your input.

When it is finished you have to save to .srt file. Click the save button as shown in the image above and your subtitles file is ready! Before you close SubRip it would be a good idea to save the Characters Matrix, so check the next step as well.

How To Extract Subtitle From Dvd

The Characters Matrix file holds all OCR information that we inputted manually before, so it's a very good idea to save it by selecting Characters Matrix -> Save Characters Matrix File As. Then you can load it in Step 1 in the next DVD you will rip in order to save yourself time by not starting the recognition process all over again, but instead just enter any extra characters SubRip can't understand.
This pretty much concludes this simple guide for ripping the subtitles from a DVD. Of course SubRip is a much more advanced utility with many more options that we may explain in future guide. Until then feel free to use our forum for any question.