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Now back and updated for Factorio 0.16!This mod expands on some gameplay aspects that are limited, such as alternative energy generation, offensive weapons, tanks, defensive walls, etc.I take balance very seriously. Everything in this mod was carefully edited to be as balanced and good looking as possible for an authentic vanilla feel. Download Link: to: PwnArt1st. Ableton Live 10 Torrent Reddit; Ableton Live Free Reddit; Ableton Live Suite Crack (Mac) Download. Ableton Live Suite 10 Keygen: has many impressive features and modules, such as having a built-in library that allows users to get some experience and organize the music they need, and provides a professional and pleasing hybrid look. So i got the game on steam and wanted dlc but cant afford. I try auto cream api it puts files in the game folder but dlc doesnt show up in the game and then i try the program on among us and it unlocks every dlc. So what do i do where do i get the dlc files for isaac and how do i put it. If anyone used on that game please help. Welcome to the Official Factorio Wiki, the official source of documentation for Factorio™. 39 active editors (of 3,578 registered) are currently maintaining 3,457 articles and 1,203 images. Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories.

Mod for Factorio. Store all the things! (We heard you like boxes, you packrat you!)


Go grab it now, or get it in-game by searching for Warehousing.


Want to see Warehousing available in your language? Does the quality of our existing translation leave you wanting more? Please help us translate the mod on Crowdin! Create a free account (or log in with Google, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, or Gitlab) and help make this mod (even more) awesome!


Now updated for Factorio 0.17! Just like the base-game research, technology requirements have been overhauled. There are now two levels of 'Logistics Warehousing' to research, and Warehousing research in general is more expensive.

Crafting recipes were also updated—no more wood!

Building storage capacity (except logistic storage variants) was finally rebalanced to reflect the 3x3 and 6x6 entity sizes. Storehouses now accept 450+ stacks of items, and Warehouses take 1800+ stacks. The old capacities are accessible via a startup setting, if you have an existing map with circuit logic that will break with the changed inventory sizes.

Copying the research cost of 'Logistic System' remains, as a startup setting (off by default, to save a bit of loading time). Enabling it will update the cost of 'Logistics Warehousing 2' to match if you have a mod that changes the cost of 'Logistic System'. As before, report incompatible mods in the forum thread or GitHub issue tracker.

There's also a new setting to disable inventory icon scaling, if you don't like how the stretched icons look on top of your buildings.

Localizations for the new settings are almost entirely incomplete, except for a lucky few strings; go to Crowdin if you can help translate them into more languages!


Adds 6x6 warehouses that allow you to store a lot of items, and smaller (cheaper) 3x3 storehouses with less capacity.

Warehouses and storehouses also have logistic versions (passive provider, active provider, storage, requester, and buffer), just like chests.

You can also attach red and green wires to the warehouses, and they'll attach to the correct points on the corner of the logistics warehouses.


Graphics by Nova Kast, please do not use without permission! (If you ask, you can probably use the images. Also, if you need custom graphics we can cook these up too if needed! ;) PM Anoyomouse on the Factorio forums for permission/requests.)

Storehouses contributed by Hanniballo. Updates for Factorio 0.15 contributed by kingarthur, with integration help from dgw (joined as co-maintainer as of 0.0.13).



Total raw


Map color



Stack size




Shooting speed





Mining time


Prototype type

Internal name


Required technologies

Boosting technologies

Produced by

Gun turret damage bonus stacks with ammo bonuses

Gun turrets are defensive structures and are the first automatic defense to be unlocked. They use magazines for ammunition which can be refilled manually or by inserters. Unlike laser turrets, they do not require power and can operate practically anywhere as long as they have sufficient ammunition. On the downside, this means that ammo must be periodically replenished.

The gun turret has the same fire rate as the human-portable submachine gun. Physical projectile damage (research) upgrades both the base damage of the ammunition and the damage of the turret as two separate, multiplicative bonuses, quickly leading to a much higher damage output than the SMG.


  • A rotating turret.

  • Gun turret firing.


  • 0.12.0:
    • All turrets now have a 2×2 footprint
    • New graphics, color is now force-dependent
    • Recipe is 2× more expensive.
  • 0.8.4:
    • Maximum of 10 Firearm magazines can be put into the turret by inserters.
  • 0.7.1:
    • Gun turret damage upgrades
    • Faster movement speed of Gun turret
    • Range extended from 15 to 17.
  • 0.3.0:
    • New graphics
    • Bullet particles for turret

Factoria Mac Torrent Reddit Free

  • 0.2.7:
    • Warning for ammo-less turret is shown.
    • Contents of the turret's inventory visible in sidebar
  • 0.1.0:
    • Introduced

Factoria Mac Torrent Reddit Windows 10

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Citra for android apk. Weapons

  • Pistol
  • Submachine gun
  • Shotgun
  • Combat shotgun
  • Rocket launcher
  • Flamethrower
  • Land mine
  • Firearm magazine
  • Piercing rounds magazine
  • Uranium rounds magazine
  • Shotgun shells
  • Piercing shotgun shells
  • Cannon shell
  • Explosive cannon shell
  • Uranium cannon shell
  • Explosive uranium cannon shell
  • Artillery shell
  • Rocket
  • Explosive rocket
  • Atomic bomb
  • Flamethrower ammo
  • Grenade
  • Cluster grenade
  • Poison capsule
  • Slowdown capsule
  • Defender capsule
  • Distractor capsule
  • Destroyer capsule
  • Light armor
  • Heavy armor
  • Modular armor
  • Power armor
  • Power armor MK2
  • Portable solar panel
  • Portable fusion reactor
  • Personal battery
  • Personal battery MK2
  • Belt immunity equipment
  • Exoskeleton
  • Personal roboport
  • Personal roboport MK2
  • Nightvision
  • Energy shield
  • Energy shield MK2
  • Personal laser defense
  • Discharge defense
  • Discharge defense remote
  • Wall
  • Gate
  • Gun turret
  • Laser turret
  • Flamethrower turret
  • Artillery turret
  • Artillery targeting remote
  • Radar
  • Rocket silo

Factorio Torrent Reddit

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