Free Crane Lift Planner

Free Crane Lift Planner

With its online IC-1 Lift Plan application, Tadano Demag enables the USER to generate general lift plans for the Tadano Demag crane models that are available on the online IC-1 Lift Plan application.

A Crane Lift Plan is required for every crane lift on a Dimeo project – see OSHA Subpart CC for definition of crane. Critical crane lifts, if authorized, may have to be reviewed by a professional engineer (the contractor shall budget for the PE review) – see page 2, section 2 of the Crane Lift Plan for a list of critical lifts. Free Crane Lift Planner. By ixtanjuiglow1989 Follow Public. Crane Lift Planner Software To Individual; All load chart data in 3D Lift Plan is based on the crane OEMs full in-cab charts, which on some all-terrain cranes translates to thousands of pages of load charts. Crane Lift Planning free download, and many more programs. Description of lift: NB 50% reduction in load capability if man basket is used. Details of Loads. Load Position 1: Load Position 2 Load Position 3: Weight: Dimensions: Position of C of G: Height of lift (worst case only): Max. Radius (worst case only): Date of lift: Time of lift: Monetary value of load: Details of Cranes.

Find below safe work lifting plan template for use in crane lifting process.

This lifting plan sample also provides calculation for sling tension.

Additionally you shall be able to select the suitable lifting gear in accordance with the safe working load and weather conditions etc.

Once you will record the data you will get a comprehensive document showing the complete site condition in front of you.

Free Crane Lift Planner Kit


1. Description of Lift1a. Type of Lift

( ) Load Test ( ) Lifting Work

1b. Work of Place
1c. Date & Time (Plan)
2. Description of Load2a. Description of Load
2b. Dimension (L x H x W) (mm)
3. Description of Crane3a. Maker
3b. Model No.
3c. Maximum Capacity (tons)
4. Load Weight:4. Estimated Weight (including Cage) (tons)
5. Rigging Weight5a. Main Hoist Block,

Auxiliary Boom Head / Headache Ball (tons)

5b. Slings, Shackles, and other tackles

Total Weight (Max.) (tons)

5c. Lifting Device or Spreader Beam

Total Weight (tons)

6. Total Lift Weight6. (4 + 5) Total Weight (tons)
7. Working Condition7a. Outrigger Extended (m)
7b. Boom / Jib Length (m)
7c. Counterweight (tons)
7d. Operating Radius (m)
8. Rated Capacity8a. Rated Capacity (tons)
8b. (Total Weight / Rated Capacity) x 100 (%)
9. Calculate divided load on each leg:

Total load ( Tons) ÷ legs () = ( Tons)

※If a qualified rigger or rigging specialist ensures that the load is evenly distributed, the full

use of all the legs is allowed after approval.

10. Angle Factor

※A sling angle less than 90° increases the tension (load) in the sling

10.a. Tension Load of Leg

The leg angle is (80°) therefore,

Tension load is total load (80°) multiplied by (1.015°)

Tension Load = 81.2 Tons

Leg Angle90°80°70°65°60°55°50°45°40°
Load Factor11.0151.0641.1031.1541.2201.3051.4141.555

Crane Lift Planner



11. Select Tackles / Shakles

11a. Shackle Size : __Capacity: ___Tons (SWL)

11b. Others

Description: ______________ Size : ___________ Capacity: _______ Tons (SWL)

Description: ________Size : ___Capacity: _____ Tons (SWL)

12. Slings

12a. Tension Load (See 10a) ______________ tons

Hp laserjet p1102 driver for mac download. 12b. Sling

Type: _________ (Steel Chain, Wire Rope, Metal Mesh, Synthetic Rope,

Synthetic Webbing, Synthetic Round sling)

Size: ________ Capacity(SWL): ___

12c. Determine Sling : Size , Capacity: Tons (SWL) × (T) EA

Free Crane Lift Planner Template

Register of Lifting Key Personnel

Lifting Supervisor


Lifting Equipment/

Crane Operator


Prepared by :

Designation : Lifting Supervisor.

Signature :

Reviewed by :

Designation :

Signature :

Approved by :

Designation :

Signature :