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Gemini Duplicate Finder for Mac is a robust app that identifies duplicate files on your Mac and external hard drives. Eliminating those duplicates frees up lots of storage space and helps you make the most of every gigabyte of the storage you have. Gemini 2 quickly weeds out unnecessary, space-guzzling duplicates and gives you the extra space you need for relevant files, photos, downloads, and music.

It’s easy to inadvertently download more than one copy of files, documents, images, and videos. It’s also easy to overlook those extra downloads, but it’s important to clean them up in order to prevent them from eating up memory and storage you need. It’s also a good idea to get rid of them to ensure that any future work is done in a single copy of a file or folder to avoid confusion and frustration. ✰gomovies✰ full palm springs 2020 movie download.

  • Gemini for Windows supports all standards of PDF plus password protected documents (40- and 128-bit encryption compatible with Acrobat 6.x). It also supports the export of photos and graphics as.
  • MacRumors - MacPaw, the developers behind the Setapp store, have released a major update to their award-winning duplicate finder app, Gemini 2, in the form of a real-time duplicates monitor. The Duplicates Monitor, which appears as a menu bar item and runs in the background, identifies identical files as.
  • Ukrainian developer MacPaw, the makers of the versatile and powerful CleanMyMac and CleanMyDrive apps, today pushed a major new update for Gemini as a brand new app. For those unfamiliar with it, Gemini is an intelligent duplicate file finder that can help recover tons of storage space on your Mac wasted to duplicate files.

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MacPaw, the developers behind Setapp and CleanMyMac X, are releasing a new update for Gemini 2 with real-time monitoring and alerts functionality for duplicate files. Duplicate files not only occupy valuable disk space but also make the system slow. For large amounts of duplicates, the scanning View on Gemini Duplicate Finder Review: Outlining Pros and Cons Gemini Duplicate Finder for Mac is a robust app that identifies duplicate files on your Mac and external hard drives. Eliminating those duplicates frees.

Gemini 2 – Pros & Main Features

Gemini 2 Duplicate Finder for Mac does not try to get in over its head. Instead of trying to be a swiss-army-knife type of Mac utility it focuses on doing one thing – purging duplicate files. As expected, it’s doing a great job at cleaning out duplicates all over your Mac:

What Is Gemini 2 Software

  • Locates duplicates both on your local drive as well as external ones
  • Looks up similar files as well as identical duplicates
  • Straightforward and simply to use
  • Offers a selection of preferences to optimize scan according to your needs

Gemini 2 Duplicate Finder for Mac – Cons

The app is useful and great for dumping duplicate files, yet still comes with a few drawbacks:

  • Resource hungry during scanning which can significantly slow down (even freeze) some lower end Macs
  • The price tag can become a real deal-breaker considering you can get a full set of cleaning tools in a similar price range.

How to Use the Gemini 2 App

  • Launch Gemini 2
  • Drag and drop the folder or drive you want the app to scan
  • Click the Scan for Duplicates button to get started
  • Once the scanning process is complete, click Review Results to have a detailed look at the detected files

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  • A new window will open listing all the duplicates the app has found
  • You can either let the app select the files to remove automatically, choose a preset (remove Oldest/Newest files), or Manually go over the files (recommended)
  • After you’ve selected the files click the Smart Cleanup/Remove button in the bottom right corner.

Gemini App For Mac Catalina

Gemini 2 Pricing

To use the full properties of the app to delete duplicate files and their data, you'll need to purchase a serial key to activate the full version and access all of Gemini’s features. A serial key with a single user license will cost you $19.95. Single user means that you can activate the app on a single Mac only. Consequently, two Macs license steps it up to $29.95, and a license for five Macs all the way to $44.95. With such a premium price Gemini 2 is a tough sell, especially considering that you will not be using this on the daily and only running an occasional scan every month or two.

How to Uninstall Gemini 2

When you’ve cleaned all the duplicate files from your Mac, or are simply finished using the Gemini Cleaner, you may want to remove it from your Mac. These instructions will guide you through the process:

  • Begin with removing the main app from Applications folder in Finder. Drag and drop Gemini to Trash
  • While still in Finder, use the combination of Shift+Command+G to open Go to the folder window. Open the following directories one by one to clear out associated files:
    • In ~/Library/Preferences move to Trash
    • In ~/Library/Caches delete Gemini 2 folder and
    • In ~/Library/Application Support trash Gemini 2 folder
    • In ~/Library/Logs remove folder

Macpaw Gemini 2

With all of these files removed, your Mac fill be fully Gemini-2-free.

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Bottom Line

Gemini 2 Duplicate File

Being a great duplicate cleaner, Gemini 2 is among the top picks to deal with all duplicate related issues, that is, if you can justify paying a premium price for a single-purpose application. It comes in a sleek design, features intuitive interface and provides reliable service – everything you could ask from a duplicate cleaning app.