How To Make A Shortcut On Mac

Learn how to easily access your file on your mac desktop by creating its shortcut there rather than copying the whole file to the desktop. Don't forget to ch. Minimize or close all open windows. Open Finder; Click on iCloud Drive on your sidebar to the left. (If it’s not there, go to the menu bar and choose FinderPreferencesSidebar and check iCloud Drive to turn it on.). Create App Keyboard Shortcuts. Most Mac apps do come with keyboard shortcuts support out of the box. But it might not be enough for you as they don’t support keyboard shortcuts for every menu.


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First off, putting stuff (links/aliases, files, folders) on a Mac Desktop is not good practice, because it leads to some extra work on the CPU, since the Desktop is a folder like others, OS X will index all its content every time your Mom starts her Mac.

This said, the best way to make an alias easy to use is to place it in the Dock via drag-n-drop, not on the Desktop. If placed in the Dock, your alias will always be within reach. All you have to do is locate the server folder you want to share in the Finder, and drag it to rightmost part of the Dock, where there are already some folders such as Applications, Documents, Downloads, etc..

Alternately, you can also create a new Shared item in the left pane of your main Finder window. In the Finder preferences, you can also choose to show all connected servers on the Desktop, which can come in handy too.

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You may have to restart the Finder (or reboot the Mac, or just log out and back in) for the latter to take effect.

Oh, I almost forgot: you can also copy and paste the folder in question in the Desktop folder (left pane in the Finder main window), and it'll appear on the Desktop itself.

How To Make A Shortcut On MacHow to make a shortcut on mac

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