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I have not used Foxpro for several years and a friend has asked me a question that I don't recall for sure. He is trying to use Foxpro exclusively to convert an excel file to DBF. In the past, they have used Access as an interim but are trying to get away from that for a few reasons. If my memory is correct, it is difficult to convert an excel file to DBF without a program.

It is used in dBASE II as a file format. Also, it has been employed in the proceeding versions of dBASE III, III+, and IV. DBF file is one of the earliest database files having a header. The header makes the program not familiar with the data structure read DBF file. However, it can be used on Microsoft Excel OpenOffice Calc, and some other. Try Excel DbfMate Add-In. It allows importing data from DBF files directly to worksheet, and exporting data from worksheets to DBF files using either GUI or VBA. Handles character encoding. Supported Excel versions: 2007 to 2013. Supported DBF formats: dBase III, VFP, dBase IV (import only). A demo is also available on Softpedia. With DBF Viewer 2000 you can export dbf to Excel (XLS, XLSX) from GUI or from the command line. To export a dbf file to XLS (Excel) format, open File Save as/Export menu, and select file type: XLS or XLSX (Excel 2003-2019). 'Export DBF to XLS' dialog box opens. Select the fields to be exported and specify their order using up and down arrows.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance, see his email question below in bold/italic:
Our plan is to generate an excel file and use FOXPRO simply to convert the excel file to a DBF. We can use ACCESSDB to save it as a DBF but hard to keep the table properties same as the original dbf we are used to sending to fiscals.



You can import Visual FoxPro data into your Microsoft Excel worksheet if you have defined a data source for it. For information about creating a Visual FoxPro data source, see Accessing a Visual FoxPro Data Source from Microsoft Excel.

Import Dbf Into Excel 2016

To import Visual FoxPro data into an Microsoft Excel worksheet

Excel To Dbf Converter


Excel Open Dbf File

  1. Open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

  2. From the Data menu, choose Get External Data. Microsoft Query opens.

  3. In the Select Data Source dialog box, select a Visual FoxPro data source and then click Use.

  4. If the database accessed by your data source includes tables, select a table from the Add Tables dialog box. Microsoft Query displays the added table in the top half of the query designer.


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    The Owner list is not available in this dialog box because the driver does not support owners. The Database list is not available because the driver does not support multiple databases in a data source.

  5. Select fields for your query by dragging them from the table onto the lower half of the designer.

  6. Close Microsoft Query. The data you selected is imported into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.