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Hello everyone, I received my copy of Kotor 2 PC from Amazon this week. Im excited that I was able to install, run, load the 1.0b patch, and run the game in Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit). The only technical issue I encountered is that during the cut-scenes where the Ebon Hawk is flying there is no s.

Influence is gained through dialog in two ways. The first is through dialog between your playing character (PC) and the party member; depending on your actions within the conversation you may gain or lose Influence with that individual. For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords on the Xbox, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled 'Hanharr influence?'

There was an unofficial patch put out that did a good job of restoring lost content, places, dialogue etc. 2 was my favorite and made better with the mod. Jul 22, 2015 #22. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 features a ton of freedom when it comes to player choices. One question a lot of people ask is “What is the best planet order for Kotor 2?” Well, while this mainly depends on your playstyle, there is one order that makes a lot of sense strategically and storywise.

In Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords you can learn different things from your companions. You can also train some of your companions to become JEDI. This guide should help you navigate some of the conversations to help you gain influence so you can get your companions to become Jedi.


It is easiest to wait until Level 18 to talk to Handmaiden when you are on the Ebon Hawk because if you are level 18 you can do all her Dueling Matches and also turn her into a Jedi pretty quickly.

NOTE: Always try to choose the nicest responses when talking to Handmaiden. This ensures you will GAIN Influence with her and also gain a lot of Light Side Points.

Kotor 2 Influence Guide

To start, talk to Handmaiden and ask her why she looks different. During this conversation you should gain Positive Influence and Light Side Points with her as long as you are nice to her.

In another conversation you should have the option to ask Handmaiden about her Mother. Again, choose nice replies and you should gain Influence with her.


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You can talk to Handmaiden about her name and you can get several Light Side Points from this particular conversation.

Kotor 2 patch 2.1

You have the option to Spar with Handmaiden by talking to her and asking her if she can teach you any fighting moves. You will go through 3 Sparring Matches and GAIN INFLUENCE with each victory. Make sure to talk to her again about fighting after beating her 3 times and she will teach you a power that adds you Wisdom Attribute to your Defense Raring (very very very very useful!)

With the Sparring Matches done and all of the conversations done you need to go talk to Kreia and ask Kreia why she doesn’t like Handmaiden. End the conversation after this dialogue.

Dot net 3.5 offline installer windows 10 1809. Now talk to Kreia again and Kreia should start talking about how much time you are spending with Handmaiden.

Now go back and talk to Handmaiden and tell her that you want to talk about her Mother.

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Influence Dialog Patch Kotor 2

That conversation should lead to Handmaiden becoming a Jedi Guardian.


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Atton is the easiest to turn into a Jedi. Go to the Refugee Sector of Nar Shaddaa with Atton in your party and wander around until the two Twi’Lek show up. Talk to them and then talk to Atton and the conversation should lead to you turning Atton into a Jedi Sentinel.