Install Play Store App In Jio Phone

GO TO ‘'JIO STORE’' and select app which want to install,and then install,then the app automatically install. Download Apps - Install numerous apps across music, movies, tv shows, news, instant messaging, video calling & host of other services. Download Jio Apps Now! The JioPages app is nothing but the Android TV default browser with Jio’s custom skin. Once opened, now you have to search for the APK file of the respective application that you want to download. Step 1: As above-said to begin the process, you need a JioTV APK file in order to install it on your android phone and thus, to get it open the ‘Android App Store’ or the ‘Google Play Store’ on your mobile and download the official ‘APK file’ from there. Note: To download the app you will need a Jio account.

How to download play store on jio phone 2020: In today’s post, you will know how to run the Play Store in Jio Phone. If you are a Jio Mobile user, then you must have thought about running a new App and Game on your phone.

This app store is supported by Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, the largest mobile network provider in India and the third-largest in the world, with almost 323 million subscribers. This means that it is updated regularly and has a great support network for its users.

At some time, as we all know that Google’s product play store is trendy in terms of apps and games. In such a situation, many users want to know how to download the Play Store in Jio Phone.

Along with this is the question of whether it will work after installing not. So in this post, you will get the answers to all the problems related to Google Playstore.

At present, Jio Phone is the cheapest keypad smartphone in the country, with millions of users across the country. Reliance Company has made it according to the requirement of the logo of India.

Miui 9 android version. Since most people in India prefer to buy good things at a lower price, in such a situation, Jio Phone is also proving to be economical for them because in this you can enjoy 4G features at the lowest price.

By the way, Apps and Games contribute a lot on any phone today; Play Store is proving to be very important for Android smartphones.

How To Install Play Store on jio phone?

How To Install Play Store on jio phone?

When you search about downloading and running Google Play Store in Jio Phone on the online internet, you will get hundreds of videos, but most of them are fake.

But here the question arises that can you download and play the Play Store in Jio Mobile? If not, what are the reasons behind it?

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Operating system on jio phone

Install play store apps in your jio phone

Install Play Store App In Jio Phone

Let us tell you that the Jio phone runs on the KaiOS operating system, which is entirely different from the Android operating system running on the smartphone. Currently, the Google Play Store only works on Android smartphones.

If you try to download the PlayStore apk file from the online internet and install it in your Jio mobile, then it will not be installed.

It means that the Play Store will be downloaded in the Jio phone, but it will not be installed because the Jio phone has Kai operating system, which does not support Google’s Playstore.


How To Install Play Store App In Jio Phone Video

The same will be easily done if you download and install the Play Store from the Internet in an Android phone because PlayStore is designed for Android phones only.

Jio Store for jio phone

To solve the problem of App and Game in Jio Phone, Jio Store has been given separately in Mobile. In which you get apps and games that support Jio Mobile.

Although their number is limited at present, the company keeps bringing new apps and games along with the latest updates. So for the new application, you should keep updating your phone.

How to download apps in Jio Phone?

As we told you that Jio Phone has its separate Play Store, which is named Jio Store. You will find it on all Jio mobile devices, although you get very few apps and games on it.

But there are so many of them that your entertainment and other work will be done, so the information about how to run it is given below.

  1. First, click on the menu button.
  2. Now you will get to see many applications installed on your phone; Jio Store will also be found here.
  3. After opening the Jio Store, you get to see many apps and games in it.
  4. All the applications and games that are included in it support all Jio phones; you can play them on your mobile at any time.
  5. Click on any apps or games you want to run in the store.
  6. After this, you have to click on the install button shown below.
  7. After the installation, that app will come in the preinstalled application on your phone, after which you can run it anytime.

In this way, you can download the app or game on your jio phone. There are also many apps available on the Jio Store.


So now you must have known how to run the Play Store in Jio Phone. Hopefully, all your confusions related to the Playstore in Jio Mobile must have gone away.

However, if there is any suggestion or question, then you can tell us by commenting.

By the way, Jio Phone has its separate store from which you can download apps or games, but if you install Google’s Play Store in the context of more apps, games, then it will not be installed.