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To conclude my adventure :)

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Sydney.. We will meet again :)


Into You Sydney Renae Loop Video


Into You Sydney Renae Loop Youtube

Sydney Renae Lyrics 'How You Gonna (Remix)' (originally by Tyrese) If I could go back to the day we met I would probably do it all over again And I would choose not to be your friend When you ask me, I'd just say I got a man It wouldn't be no dates It would be no staying late at my house.

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Sydney Renae Songs


So I thought I really needed to conclude my story so I needed to reflect on my time in Sydney.
As you are aware we ended up getting a plane to Sydney due to the flooding of the roads etc so our first few days were wet.. Very wet! The first day we were there we decided to just walk round and explore. We were fortunate as our hostel (which was the only fortunate thing about that hostel) was only a short distance from the beautiful botanic gardens, the first port of call had to be Sydney harbour bridge and the Sydney opera house so we decided to take the scenic route and go via the gardens. The gardens themselves were stunning, one of my favourite parts reminded me of the gardens from Alice in Wonderland, with all the beautiful rose bushes, I half expected to see the queens of hearts to appear and shout 'off with there heads' .. Anyhows as we got nearer to the quayside you could see the tops of these iconic landmarks and I got very excited.. And then we reached our destination and it felt surreal that I was there. The opera house is an amazing building, I believe it was designed by a Danish guy who placed a late entry into a competition. You would literally look one way to the opera house and look the other way and see the harbour bridge The quay was buzzing with people and had an amazing atmosphere, mostly people getting that winning token holiday snap. We then decided to explore more of Sydney by foot, all the grand buildings and monuments mostly taking there influence from England, however the weather cut our exploring to a halt and we returned to the hostel. The following day I was in too much of mood about the weather to do anything so I didn't leave the hostel. However the day after that which was a Saturday, I was plagued by guilt for being so lazy on the previous day, therefore I was up early and ready to explore rain or no rain. We decided to walk to Darling harbour, which was a busy harbour on other side of the city. It had lots of shops, amusements, coffee shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants. It was still really busy despite the weather. We just strolled round in the rain taking it all in and decided we deserved a break at the Lindt chocolate cafe, we had an amazing hot chocolate and then continued are walk. We walked beside the quays and we stumbled across a busy little market, in a part of the city called The Rocks. This had a fantastic atmosphere, it reminded me of a cross between our very own London's finest Camden Market and Covent Gardens I spent a good hour or so perusing around the little stalls and much to our luck the sun had started to shine That night we met a girl we had met at Fraser Island and joined her and her friends for a lovely meal at a restaurant (first proper restaurant I had been to in months) which cost more money than I had spent in a week on food so far travelling but sooo worth it. This weekend we were in Sydney happened to be there Mardi Gras weekend (unbeknown to us) which is a massive gay and lesbian weekend. So we hit the streets to watch the parade, there was thousands of people, dressed up and lining the streets. Again a super atmosphere although we couldn't see a lot (everyone was standing on milk crates and when you are vertically challenged like me you are never gonna have a chance) it was an amazing thing to witness We then decided to head down to the opera bar, which was as you may have guessed right outside the opera house and the harbour bridge .. EAK .. To have a few bottles of wine to then head to darling harbour again to dance the night away
The next day we decided to get on a Sydney Explorer sightseeing hop on hop off bus, it was a 24 hr ticket and you could get two different buses, one to Bondi beach and bays and one around Sydney. The sun was shining so we decided to go on the Bondi beach bus, as it drove you to the different destinations it would give you the history etc about it. We hopped off (of course) in Bondi. Bondi actually means water crashing over rocks and when you are there you can see why. The beach was an unusual shape but this was because volcano eruption I believe. The place was as I expected.. wonderful.. sunny skies, Lovely beach, massive waves in the sea and buzzing with people. We enjoyed a few hours on the beach and an ice cream and then headed back as the day was getting on. The next day and my last official day in Sydney was hot hot hot. In the morning we were up early to move hostels but this gave us a chance to do a lot of things. We finished off the second bus tour in the morning around Sydney, this was good but to be honest we had done most of it on foot on the Saturday but was nice to know the history behind the building, places etc. We then after a spot of lunch got the ferry over to Manly Beach. The ferry ride itself was brilliant, it took half an hour but it gave you fantastic views of the harbour bridge and the opera house which you couldn't see from solid land. It gave you opportunity to see the Sydney skyline and lots of little beaches and on the way back we were fortunate we could see the sun beginning to set over the bridge .. Breathtaking. Manly beach itself was so cute, it was small and intimate but lovely. It wasn't busy like Bondi but that's what I liked about it and I literally spent the afternoon sunbathing .. This is what I had expected my time in Sydney to be like After a jug of Sangria we headed back and decided to walk over the harbour bridge. This time round I couldn't afford to climb it or visit the blue mountains but I can assure you I will definitely be seeing Sydney and it's sights again. The walk over the bridge was a perfect way to end the day, the opera house looked amazing The next morning after I was packed I decided to take advantage of my last few hours of sunshine and headed down to Hyde park to sunbathe before my shuttle bus came to take me to the airport. Yes Hyde park is named after London's Hyde park. It's a lovely oval garden which is split in two by a road but each side is beautiful and I believe it used to be a race course hence it's oval shape. I literally lapped up my last few hours of sunshine. (And going by the snow I've come back to in England I'm glad I did). So to sum up my time in Australia.. I am so fortunate I have been able to do so many great trips, see so many beautiful sights and meet so many wonderful people...feeling like one lucky lady who is now about to plan what adventure to take next
Cook xxxxxxxxxxx

Sydney Renae Into You

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