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  1. Printing with dot matrix printer fonts With Office 2013 standard at my office, when dot matrix printer (Epson FX-2175) is selected ( even as default printer) from Excel, Printer fonts ( Draft with various CPI) are not listed in fonts list but with word, they are available.
  2. Or simply from within Microsoft Word, change the printer into that. Because the dropdown list of fonts depends on the printer you are trying to use. By changing the printer to my POS printer (Epson TM-U220D in my case) from within Word, I was able to see now the 'hidden' available fonts as shown in the image below.
  3. I'm using a RDLC report in my app. I tried printing my RDLC in dot matrix printer' with the font 'Arial'. But, it isnot clear. Unable to differentiate numbers with this font. Please suggest me some suitable fonts which will be more readable when printed in Dot Matrix Printer. Thanks in advance.
  4. 25 Free Dot Matrix Fonts Most Popular - By Name. Font Categories Most Popular Newest 3D Aggressive All Caps Ancient Arab Asian Black Block Blood Bold Brand Brandname Brush Bubbly Calligraphy Cartoon Christmas Classic Comic Condensed Cool Curly Cursive Curvy Cute Dark Decorative Dingbats Dingfonts Distressed Dot Matrix.
7.1. Access (ActiveX Control)
7.2. Access (using DataMatrix Font)
7.3. Excel (ActiveX Control)
7.4. Microsoft Word
7.5. Word Mail Merge

This section explains the steps to add DataMatrix barcodes in aMicrosoft Access report using Morovia DataMatrix ActiveX Control.

The DataMatrix ActiveX control must be installed andregistered on the computer.

5x7 dot matrix font

Open a report in design view and choose Insert → ActiveX Control..If you are using Access 2007 or 2010, switch to Design view,and click on Insert ActiveX Control button.

From the list of controls, select Morovia DataMatrixControl.

After the control is placed on the report, right click on it andchoose Properties..

Modify the Control Source property to point tothe table and field of the data you wish to encode into the barcode. Thedata source can be a table field, or a field of a comprehensive query result.

Modify other properties, such as ModuleWidth,and SizeID. Afteryou are satisfied with the result, close the property dialog.

Save the run the report. You should see the barcodes appear in thereport.

You can also add DataMatrix barcodes to Access report using font-based solution.

Before creating barcodes in Microsoft Access, you must import therequired module. This module adds VBA function so that you can put into the report.Choose Modules → Import and select Morovia.DataMatrixFontDLL5.bas file,located in the program folder.

Open a report in design view and add a text box to the report. The textbox will be modified to contain a barcode.

Right click on the text box and choose properties.

Place the formula =DataMatrixEncode([TestData.Data],-1) in the control source property of the text box where [] is the fieldthat contains the data to be encoded into the DataMatrix barcode.The following parameter is the size ID desired.

Run the report. You should see lines of hexadecimal charactersappear in the place of the text box. This is the barcode string in the raw text form.

Go back to the design view and change the font of the text box.In our case, choose MRV DataMatrix5 and 6 points.Adjust the size of the textbox to fit the whole barcode.

Save and run your report. You should see the barcodes appear in the report.

Excel has line gap issues with DataMatrix fonts. You can paste EMF image fromGUI encoder, or use ActiveX control as outlined below.

After you finished other parts of the spreadsheet,choose View → Toolbars → Control Toolbox

When Control Toolbox appears,click on More Controls button.

On Excel 2007 and 2010, first switch to developer tab, thenpress Insert button on the toolbar, and select More Controls button.

From the list of controls presented, choose Morovia DataMatrixControl.

Select the area to place the controlin the spreadsheet.

Right click on the control, choose Properties and change the Linked Cell property to the name ofthe cell that contains the data you wish to encode.

Change other properties as necessary such as Rows, Cols and AspectRatio to adjust the size of the barcode.

After editing the properties, click on Exit Design Mode button to exitdesign mode. The barcode will appear in the spreadsheet.

The barcode is now bound to the cell. Changethe data of the linked cell, the barcode will change accordingly.

Note: to subsequently modify or delete the barcode control, Excel mustenter Design Mode. This can be done by pressingthe Design Mode button on the Control Toolbox.

Using Datamatrix control in Microsoft Word is similar to the one in Excel,except that Word does not provide a way for data binding.

choose View → Toolbars → Control Toolbox.

In the toolbox, choose the more controls button.

Select Morovia DataMatrixControl from the listof available ActiveX controls. After selecting it, the control will appear in the document,the control may be sized as necessary. To change the properties of the controlright click on the control and choose Properties.

When finished, exit the design mode by choosing the design mode button.

To edit the properties of the control the program must be in design mode.If there are problems editing the properties of the control, press the design mode buttonto enable it.

This tutorial uses Excel file Word Mail Merge DataSource.xls as mail merge data source. The data looks like this:

We want to print address information as well as a DataMatrix barcode thatencodes such information in Avery label paper 5163. The Print Preview lookslike the one below:

Before we start, we need to import a module into Excel. To dothat, open Visual Basic Editor. In Excel 2007,this is done by selecting Developer → Visual Basic.

In Visual Basic Editor, choose File → Import File.Navigate to the DataMatrix Fonts & Encoder 5installation folder, and selectthe Morovia.DataMatrixFontDLL5.bas.


Close Visual Basic Editor.

Add a new column in the spreadsheet that will hold the barcodestring. In our case, we use column H. In cell H2, enter the definition as below:

After hitting Enter, you should see a hexadecimal stringresult show up. If not, examine the formula you entered.

Note the use of Excel function CONCATENATE here.This function is used to combine several fields, as well as line return characters.

See the DLL API for the meaning of each field. Here we set size IDto -1.

Copy the formula to other cells of the same column. This can be done byselecting cell H2, highlighting the cells that the formula is copied, and select Paste.

Close the Excel file and start Microsoft Word.

In Microsoft Word, choose Mailing → Start Mail Merge → Labels.Select Avery 5163 as the label we will work on.

Select Select RecipientsSelect Existing List. In the file dialog, navigateto the spreadsheet we just created. If it asks for Select Table,choose Sheet1$.

Click on Address Block. This is for the address line.Microsoft Word has the intelligence to select the address block.

Hit Enter once to move the cursor below, and click on Insert Merge Field. Select Barcode as the merge field.

Click on Review Results. You should see the firstrecord show up, with hexadecimal characters in the place of barcode.

Now adjust the font for the address block and the barcode field. Forthe address block, we use Arial 16 points. For the barcode, use MRV DataMatrix5 6 points.


Copy the format to other labels by selecting Update labels.

Select Preview Results to viewthe sheets of labels.


Morovia DataMatrix Font & Encoder 5 Reference Manual

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  • 6 Adding DataMatrix to Crystal Reports
  • 7 Adding DataMatrix to Microsoft Office Documents
  • 8 Adding DataMatrix Symbols to SQL Server Reporting Service
  • A Technical Support
  • B Input format (ECI and Structural Append)
  • C Size ID Parameter (updated in version 5.1)
  • D Unicode String Encode Support
  • Microsoft word dot matrix font template
  • E Fontware License Agreement
  • Glossary
  • Index
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    This manual is specific to DataMatrix Fonts & Encoder 5.2.
    The current version is 5.2.1.

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    Microsoft Word Dot Matrix Font

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