Network Diagnostics Software Free Mac Os

Many people says that Mac devices are ideal machines that never encounter any issues, all thanks to Mac’s unicorn dust applied effectively to the components of each Mac device.

However, that’s not the reality at all. Similar to Windows devices out there, your Mac can go bad from time to time. The main advantage of Mac over Window devices is that, Macs are less prone to harmful threats such as malware.

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Takes you to Apple's Hardware Test utility (or Apple Diagnostics, depending on Mac model) Option + D can be used instead to try starting up Apple Hardware Test or Apple Diagnostics over the internet Hold down Alt + Cmd + P + R during startup. LanScan is a free Mac application that scans the network or a range of IP addresses. This utility gives you access to the hostname (if one is assigned for that PC/IP), its MAC physical addresses, and the vendor of that network adapter.

The maker of Mac devices – Apple gives a myriad of utilities to get you on what you want to do, but some free and 3rd-party software won’t really hurt you. So, with that said, here are the best Mac diagnostics tools you can use for your device.


Use this diagnostic software if you want to guarantee that your Mac device is always malware-free.

For sure, Mac is less prone to malware compared to Windows. However, it is still susceptible to malware. That’s why; Apple has implemented protections such as Gatekeeper and System Integrity Protection to prevent potential harm from 3rd part apps. However, exploits seems inevitable, and that’s where MALWAREBYTES comes in. It is a free solution to keep you secured and safe.

Real-Time Protection

Now, if your Mac is already infected, then MALWAREBYTES can certainly help. Of course, if you opt to the free version, you won’t get access to real-time protection, but that’s alright because resources are precious. A fast scan from time to time and operating the updates when they are there must be sufficient to keep you safeguarded.

If you get the premium version of this diagnostic software, you’ll get a free trial. But don’t worry because the free version also provides great protection for many Mac users out there. (From this site)


If you just installed a new memory, and some of your device’s apps freezes and crashes, then use MemTest86.


You see, Random Access Memory is one of the last internal parts of Mac users that they can tweak. In particular, the iMac still gives a window at the back that enables and pops open you to place additional physical memory. On the other hand, old versions of MacBooks, where the Random Access Memory is not soldered to the device’s motherboard can also be customized.

Isolates Memory Issues

However, this can result to problems when the installed memory is faulty. Freeing, hard reboots, crashes are all symptoms of a failed memory. In fact, even the old sticks of Random Access Memory installed when your tool is new can lead to certain issues. But this free diagnostic software can isolate your memory issues and test your Random Access Memory.

In order to utilize it, just download the version for Mac and Linux, make a bootable USB drive by utilizing the image, put in your USB stick, and press down the Option button when your device boots. Pick the USB boot choice from the menu and follow the commands.

There are memories testing utilities that operate through graphical interface or under Mac OS. But the issue with this one is that your OS is already utilizing the Random Access Memory you want to test. By simply booting into a lightweight and UNIX interface, you will be able to test the Random Access Memory more thoroughly.


ONYX is perfect for fiddling, cleaning up caches, and making deep system tweaks with your Mac OS.


This diagnostics software is very versatile for Mac OS. Many users will not have any certain need for ONYX until the time comes. But still, it is a smart decision to have it installed. Similar to Disk Utility, you can use this diagnostics software to confirm the structure of the startup disk.

With this tool, you can do tasks such as daily, weekly, and monthly clean-up scripts to your Mac’s operating system with just a single click. Users can also rebuild databases such as Launch Services, Mail, and Spotlight without needing to boot into Safe Mode.

Easy to Use

Furthermore, ONYX simply works to clear just about every cache on your device’s system. But most of the time, you must allow your operating system to take care of this duty. Users can also execute 3 and 7-pass secure erases.

However, you must not do this on SSDs. This diagnostic software can also hide and show applications, folders, and files. In addition, it can access Mac OS applications such as Directory Utility tools and Network Utility with just a single click.

Lastly, users can tweak certain settings that are normally only available through Terminal prompts. These include the graphical effects throughout the operating system, startup sounds, DNS prefetching, file listings, recent folder, naming, format, and location conventions for screenshots.

Apple Diagnostics/Apple Hardware Test

If it likes there are some hardware problems, or you want to find out which certain part is causing the trouble, then the Apple Diagnostics/Apple Hardware Test is for you.

This Mac diagnostic software can aid in diagnosing issues. However, it is lacking of the detailed necessary to perform some serious repairs. But it is actually helpful if you are attempting to isolate a software issue from a hardware one.

Age of Your Mac

To use Apple Diagnostics/Apple Hardware Test, you must know the age of your Mac device. But overall, they do the same task and launching utilizing similar shortcut. Just press Option and the D button, or press down the D while your Mac device boots in order to launch the test from the internet just in case the test won’t run on your Mac’s disk.


If your Mac is not too new, and you want to get as much information as possible about your hardware issues, then you can try using Apple Service Diagnostics.

Disk Utility

Use Disk Utility if your Mac device won’t boot into Mac OS, has some drive errors, and corrupted files.

This software that is already provided by Mac OS can be found under your Application, then Utilities folder. Disk Utility is mainly utilized for fixing problems, un-mounting and mounting volumes, and formatting drives.

The Right Buttons

You can perform First Aid on any drive by simply running the Disk Utility and pressing the appropriate button. If your Mac won’t boot and for greater results, you can run your Mac device in Recovery Mode by simply restarting it and pressing down the CMD and R buttons while the device is starting up.

After that, choose the Disk Utility, and proceed to First Aid to perform a fix. Then press the Repair Disk if it discovers any issues.

Rebooting the Device

Users can also make whole images of their current disk using this software. This is particularly good if your drive seems failing. What you want to do is reboot the device in Recovery Mode and link an external drive with large space. After that, eject the drive you would like to back up, then proceed on File, then Create New Image from whatever label (e.g., Macintosh HD).

Network Diagnostics Software Free Mac Os

With this software’s repair options, users can always boot into single user mode and utilize FSCK to solve drive options from a particular command line interface.

Mac Os Software Download

Final Thoughts

Mac Os Diagnostic Boot

Mac devices usually utilize different boot modes for all types of troubleshooting tasks. Safe mode will automatically check your disk on startup. While on the other hand, resetting your SMC and PRAM can fix a number of minor problems.

Network Diagnostics Software Free Mac Os Versions

You can check this complete list of Mac boot modes for solving a wide range of issues with your device. In addition, make sure to keep in mind the warning signs that are probably indicating issues with your Mac.

Mac Os Software Versions

Lastly, if your troubleshooting efforts didn’t work out, but would like to start all over again, then you have the option to erase as well as restore your Mac to factory settings.