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Event ID 5896 after upgrade from 1.2 to 3.0
As the subject, I upgraded from 1.2 to 3.0, and now everytime a mail passes through I get the following error in the Application Event:Source: CrmExchangeQueueServEvent ID: 5896Description:An HTTP Status of '404 - Not Found' occurred while attempting to deliver a message. Please check the URL in the registry. Message subject: 'subject of mail' URL: 'http://servername/MSCRMServices/CrmEmail.srf'Checked the location above, and sure enough - there is no CrmEmail.srf file, so it throws a 404 error. great, only - why is this file missing?!! I presume it didn&#..
POS 1.0 to POS 2.0 upgrade
I am an aggressive POS 1.0 single store, single computer user. I recently added a maintenance plan, so I received my POS 2.0 disk. I still do not have access to Customer Source, though.In the upgrade instructions, I see I need to enter a Product Key - I assume I should have a new one with POS 2.0, but I did not get one. Can I install, upgrade and activate with my old (POS 1.0) product key?The upgrade instructions are pretty brief. Are there any other warnings available? I have only one PC running POS and I need it operational, but can't complete the upgrade while MS support ..
Command button code problem
I have a form with a command button that opens a report in preview. The form has a combo box from which you select the record that should be shown on the report but when I click on the command button I get all the records not just the one I have clicked What's wrong with my code?Here it isPrivate Sub cmdprintcr_Click()On Error GoTo Err_cmdprintcr_Click Dim strAVCISCode As String 'set strAVCISCode equal to the selected value before closing the form, otherwise it will give us an error strAVCISCode = 'AVCISCode' DoCmd.OpenReport 'rptCrimereport',..
HELP!! adding Area codes with phone numbers and state HELP
This should be a simple question. I'm very new with Excel. and all want to do is when I enter a phone number with area code in a cell want to detect the area code (better said the first three numbers enter).if the first three Number (area code) match a certain area codthen I want it to display the corresponding STATE on the next Cell oveto the right. I know I'll have to enter the area codes manuallsomewhere so it detects them. But I am so lost. I need to figure ouhow to do this to make my work more efficiently. That way I don't havto look up the area codes every time I ent..
Full Time & Attendance with Manufacturing Labor via bar code
Great Plains must address the time and attendance issue for manufacturers. The competition in the Great Plains manufacturing market includes the use tracking time and attendance, as well as mfg labor, in their core product or via a module. Currently, there are products that simply fill out the 'automated data collection' form in Great Plains, but manufacturers need more. Manufacturers need to plan, view, adjust, and approve time every day, and there is no solution currently to address this..via a Great Plains module or through an ISV. This solution should also..accrue be..
How can I confirm a 'sent' e-mail?
Please tell me how I can tell if my e-mail has been sent. It will be in the Sent folder of your e-mail application. -- <>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<> Graham Mayor - Word MVP My web site Word MVP web site <>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<> 'Giacomo' <[email protected]> wrote in message news:D1133488-777F-4A5E-9E1D-63323636..
Digital ID's
I'm new to Digital ID's (Certificates) for email signing and encryption.Question: When the certificate expires what happens? Can the email no longer be accessed? Does OL notify you, and then open the email?Thanks in advance,- Andrew A Certificate ID & Encryption are two seperate items.A Certificate ID has to be purchased from one of the appropriate providersand is generally valied for one year. The Co. will send you a reminder whenits expiring.Its purpose is to validate yr mail, and or, response in certain securesites. It cofirms yr identity and the communication is fr..
Print SOP docs by customer ID
Does anyone know if there's a way to print a batch of SOP invoices (open and/or historic) by customer ID and document date? The Print Sales Document window gives me the date range option, but not the customer option. Our invoices are currently from Report Writer.Thanks,Barbara You may sort them by Document Type/Customer Number option but there isno way to restrict them for a specific customer id that I know of -you may have to write something custom. Hope this helps.On Sep 23, 11:26=A0am, Bbehen <[email protected]> wrote:> Does anyone know if there&#..
Code Generator that writes code to generate an XML doc structure?
Hello,Has anyone ever seen or created such a code generator?I'm looking for a sample of a code generator that will generate code(preferably one that uses C# and the XMLTextWriter) to create an XMLdocument structure based on an XML file as input.I have to build some classes that allow me to generate some verycomplex/large/nasty XML documents for use in B2B exchange of data (likeinvoices, orders, etc.). A third party has dictated the structure andprovided example XML documents. Instead of hand coding these classes,I'd like to be able to automatically generate them by using ..
message bolocked in local deivery queue article id Article ID : 32
hello,I installed a new exchange 2003 on windows server 2003 and , since, somme messages are not delivered to a particular mailbox. But this mailbox still receive some other messages. The messages are queued in local delivery queue.The folowing message seems to be related to the problem :(sorry for the french and ..)----------------------------------------------Type de l'événement : AvertissementSource de l'événement : MSExchangeTransportCatégorie de l'événement : Gestionnaire de stockage ExchangeID de l'événement : ..
HQ Client Product Key
I originally installed HQ Administrator, Manager, Server, and Client on the same machine. I entered the product key in the client and then relaized I didn't need the client on that machine but on a different one. I uninstalled HQ client and installed it on a different machine. Now when I go into HQ client it tells me that the product key has already been used and I need to purchase a new one. Why do I get this message when I have uninstalled the original install? Can someone please let me know how I can get past this?Thanks,Jocelyn You should be able to register via Phone,..
what is wrong with this simple code?
Can someone tell me what is wrong with this simple code?I get an exception every time at the myFile.Open() line.I have included the code that I think is needed to for you to answer thisbelow:Thanks!// MBT.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.//#include 'stdafx.h'#include 'MBT.h'#include <iostream>#ifdef _DEBUG#define new DEBUG_NEW#undef THIS_FILEstatic char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;#endif#include <time.h>#include <stdio.h>#include <sys/types.h>#include <sys/timeb.h>#include <string.h>..
Tool ID Error?
I added some reports to my boss' local Reports directory, and now when I retry to open Store Ops Manager, I get the error 'Tool ID already exists' and the load fails and closes. Anyone have any idea? Thanks for your help..
Visual Basics
I have created a code in Excel which on clicking on a button, takes you to another worksheet then to a selection of cells which I have named. It will take me to the worksheet but comes up with an error. Please let me know whats wrong with the following: Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Application.Goto ActiveWorkbook.Sheets('WGTN & KAPITI').Activate ActiveSheet.Range('Shailesh').Activate End Sub -- Shirl, NZ ..
code level!
I am working on the data from 4 provinces and 3 districts in each province,each district I work with 10 communes. I want to make a form with 3 boxes (province, district, commune) and when enter province A, all district inprovince A appered in box district for selection and in commune box, allcommune in that district will appeared on commune box.THANK YOU See if this link helps a bit: wrote:>I am working on the data from 4 provinces and 3 districts in each province,>each district I work with 10 communes. I want to make a fo..
VBA code to handle variable Pivot Table items ???
I have a pivot table that works perfectly well. I'd like to create a macro to automate my selection process but I have one big concern.I pull data by ( lets say ) Regions on a daily basis..West, North, South, East, Midwest, NorthEast, etc. How do I handle the fact that maybe on a given day there may only be two regions available to choose from. Say, I want to select the West region data..I have to uncheck all and then only check West. Is there a trick workaround for this. In addition there may be a day where a brand new region comes into the picture....for example, South..
Colour Coding Contacts
Hi all, When I had Microsoft office 2003 xp I used to be able to colour code my contacts, high ight their names to easily tell what mail I had received, but now I have VISTA and run Windows Mail. I can not see where or how I can do this in this program . Does it do it at all? Can anyone help me Thanks in advance GM Windows Mail does not have a feature to color code contacts. However, you could set up a message rule to color the messages in the message list pane depending on who the sender is. Tools, Message Rules, Mail.. Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail) 'Giuli..
Entourage Error Code 4363 (Can't Access Deleted Items Folder)
I've never had this happen, or anything weird with Entourage for that matter.. I just tried to access my Deleted Items Folder, and I get an Error Message as such: Could not open that feature An unknown error (4363) occured What do I do? A reply to [email protected] would be much appreciated.. Thanks, tim ..
Task Scheduler Exit Codes
Windows Server 2003Hello all,Where can I find the meaning of the task scheduler exit codes? I have exitcodes of 0,1,2 and 3, but cannot find a description of the meaning.Thanks,GMC Almost certainly, a newsgroup with the subject of Windows Server 2003 would be a better source. This one is about Microsoft Access database software. Larry Linson Microsoft Access MVP'GMC' <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]> Windows Server 2003>> Hello all,>> Where can I find the meaning of the task sc..
opportunity product
We need to provide percentage calculation in opportunity product form. we need to add new attribute called percentage and calculate total extended price based on the percentage.Any help is appreciated.Thanks,Uma..
Print All VB Code for a Project
I have to maintain an existing database. It's slow and looks like there is alot of unused code. Is there a way I can print out all the VB Code for adatabase? Thanks,Dayday-- Message posted via AccessMonster.com just gotools->analyse->documenter.For the forms tab, go select all, and them MAKE SURE YOU click on he options button, and de-select the controls.and everything want JUST the code..Do the same for reports..and modules...-- Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP)Edmonton, A..
Error Number: 0x80041d1f
Hi all!One of our users recieved an error 80041d1f when he tried to loginCRM. I found this means 'Invalid User Id'.I've checked security roles, everything all right. Other users withsuch roles work normally.I've checked security groups UserGroup and ReportingGroup. They haveour user as a member.May be I've missed something? Any help will be very appreciate.Thanks in advance! Hi Aline,Not sure which version of CRM you are using but this may be useful:,Niths'Aline' wrote:> Hi all!> One of our user..
locking out part of code in VB6
I'm trying to lock out a part of the code depending on a status flag. However VB insists that it still needs the procedure that I've ocked out. Is there a way to make this work? StandAlone = True If StandAlone Then Call LineXX(0, 0, 100, 100) Else Call LineAA(0, 0, 100, 100) End If 'sven2000' <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]m.. > I'm trying to lock out a part of the code depending on a status flag. > However VB insists that it still needs the procedure that I'..
auto incrementing customer id
Hi,I'm wondering is there a way to get customer id and vendor id to autonumber. Were currently in the process of using PSTL to create a sequential numbering series to change our ids but want to use an auto increment of the ids going forward. Can it be configured in GP (we're using 8.0) or would I have to custom build something using dexterity or .net (we've got VS2005 in-house currently). I'm new to development to GP but have built a data warehouse extracting data from GP tables so I'm somewhat familiar with the database schema.Anyway, if anyone could offer a s..
Asterisk on pay code
I am wondering if anyone has found a reason the asterisk appears at the front of the amount field on the pay code maintenance window. I have not found an explanation for the purpose of the asterisk and am interested in finding out what purpose it has. We do not have the HR package so maybe someone can tell me if it has some purpose within HR. If any of these cards for the employee have been marked as inactive, an asterisk will follow the code in the list. Use the Employee Record Inquiry window to view the pay, deduction, benefit, and state and local tax codes assigned to each emplo..

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