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Party Planner for Mac OS v.1.0 Mix, manage, and mingle your way through Bashville’s biggest bashes in Party Planner, a unique new time management game from the creators of Sally’s Salon! When her friends suggest that Bashville is the perfect place for Pepper to start. Export the Floor Plan and Details. Easily email or print the auto-generated Inventory document which includes: all saved floor plan images (2D and 3D), the Inventory of all of the products in the floor plan and the quantity of each, the Seating Chart, Notes, and interactive link.

Welcome to Wayroo. The mobile app that enables direct sales representatives to meet their customers wherever they are – and make sales through multiple channels. All while tracking complete customer data and retail receipts.


Discover how your payment processes stack up in the ever-changing omnichannel retail environment. You’ll gain deep insight into customer experience, range of options, security, sales tax, and representative earnings.

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Simplify processes.

Easy does it. Wayroo makes selling on-hand inventory simple for your sales force including e-commerce solutions like Facebook Live comment selling and replicated websites.

Create momentum.

Sales happen. With Wayroo, reps can opt for Instant Payout. This gives them immediate access to their earnings for retail sales motivating them for instant success.

Empower decisions.

Know it all. Wayroo gives you insights into customer transactions, so you have corporate visibility and compliance reporting from the warehouse to customer sales.

Real-time inventory management.

Wayroo integrates with your back-end system. That means representatives simply select the wholesale order and click receive. The items are automatically updated into their Wayroo account, including corporate product images and descriptions.

Then, the inventory counts update as sales happen, keeping the rep’s business running smoothly and customers happy.

Party Planning Software For Mac

Easy eCommerce.

Replicated sites ensure brand consistency across mobile devices and desktops while still giving your reps the freedom to customize their collections and set prices.


You define the brand parameters. Wayroo’s replicated sites give your representatives an easy-to-navigate interface so they can tailor their offering to fit their business and customers. Plus, it’s all seamlessly connected to your back-end software to enable inventory tracking, sales tax calculation, and representative compensation.

Party Planning Software For Mac

Social selling.

With social – aka comment selling – your reps can bring the power of e-commerce into their Facebook Live events with buyers simply commenting to make a purchase.

Wayroo keeps the focus on selling with time-saving automation of tasks, including invoicing, payments, and inventory management. With Wayroo, social commerce turns commenters into influencers and paves the way for increased online sales.

Mobile point-of-sale

Wayroo makes it easy for representatives to sell on-hand items, anywhere to anyone – in person or online.

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It’s simple for customers to add items to their cart, select their preferred payment method, and checkout. Wayroo securely stores card information using the highest PCI standards and data encryption available, enhancing the customer experience and making repeat purchases quick and easy.

Integrated shipping.

After the sale, Wayroo’s integration with Shipping Easy saves reps time and money.

There’s no need to re-enter customer shipping information manually. And it’s easy to automate free-shipping thresholds based on a dollar amount or item count. Wayroo even provides helpful reminders to customers at checkout to encourage add-on sales to qualify for free shipping.

Payouts on demand.

Hotstar watch train to busan 2 full movie online free hd at home order. The easier it is to get paid, the more your representatives will want to sell. Wayroo makes it possible for sales representatives to convert personal inventory into earnings – instantly.

As soon as a sale is made, reps can click “Get Paid” to request a payment to their payout card. The payout cards – which are also available with your branding – can then be used for shopping wherever Visa or Master Card are accepted, cash withdrawals or transfers to their bank account, or purchasing additional inventory.

Wholesale savings.

Add it up. Wayroo saves you real money on wholesale orders.

When reps use their payout cards to buy additional wholesale products, Wayroo delivers significant savings with reduced credit card processing fees on these transactions. On average, for $1 million of wholesale orders, direct sales organizations can save up to $35,000.

Sales tax compliance.

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35 states require direct selling organizations to remit sales tax. Wayroo’s on it.

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Wayroo automatically calculates the sales tax amount by geo-locating an in-person transaction or basing it on the customer’s shipping address. Accuracy? Absolutely. A recent audit by the state of Florida of 1.8 million Wayroo transactions found zero errors.

Built-in reporting.

Data is powerful. Wayroo gives you an end-to-end view of your business – and you own the data, the reporting, and the insights.

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Dive deeper into retail receipts, wholesale orders, inventory turnover, geographic trends, and revenue concentrations to analyze what’s happening and what will happen next. There are no siloed metrics or canned reporting limitations.