Photo Layering Software For Mac

‎Universal Photo Editor with support for Layers, Selection, Masks and of course filters, effects and other tools. An editor so powerful that you could do almost anything that you thought was possible only on a desktop. √ True layer support, just like photo editing on desktop.

Image Layering Software

  1. Smart Layer Export Smart Layer Export is similar to slicing. Check out the new configurable palette to setup a layer's Smart Layer Export settings. Adjust the movable frame that represents the export bounds of your image, name your file, and you can even choose to have your layer automatically export as @1x, @2x, @[email protected]
  2. GIMP is a good and popular freeware software that can be used to edit photos on MAC. It provides you a number of options to help you edit the images that makes it a good photo editing software for MAC.
Photo Layering Software For Mac


Are there differences between the Direct and App Store versions of Acorn?
Yes, there are some small differences. Make sure to check out our larger FAQ for all the gory details.

Photo layering software for mac osPhoto layering software for macbook pro

Does Acorn open up layered Photoshop files?
Yes! Acorn will open up layered 32bit PSD to the best of its ability. The only app that’s going to be 100% compatible with .psd files is the latest version of Adobe’s Photoshop of course.

Does Acorn use a subscription?
Nope! We have a simple philosophy- you buy a thing, you get a thing.

I’m not running 10.11+, can I still use Acorn?
Here’s the lowdown: Acorn 6 requires 10.11+. Acorn 5 requires 10.10+. Acorn 4 requires 10.8+. Both Acorn 2 and 3 require 10.6+. Acorn 1.5.5 runs on 10.4+. If you wish to purchase Acorn 1, 3, 4, or 5 go ahead and buy Acorn 6. Acorn 5.6.5 will accept Acorn 6 registration numbers. But if you need an Acorn 4, 3, 1 registration, email [email protected] and let us know your registration name and number and we will make you a new one that works with an older version of Acorn.

How do I grab and older version of Acorn?
Dot matrix printer font. You can grab previous releases on our FAQ.

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Want to know more?
Make sure to check out our extensive documentation and FAQ, and we’re of course always ready to answer questions at [email protected]