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Free version is available for personal, evaluation and non-commercial use. Comes with upgrade notices. There is no time limit in using free version. Free version contains basic essential features. Enterprise features are available in commercial licenses. To get full features of product with technical support, follow the button below; Buy. PhpGrid Lite is FREE for both personal and commercial use. We do not provide technical support to Lite Edition. Features such as edit, master detail, subgrid, grouping, and reference to multiple databases are only available in paid versions. By downloading the software, you agree to the terms of our license agreement. F5574a87f2 This is a new Bao therefore there are not many chars compatible with him but you. He is not compatible with himself (not a yaoi character).

UPDATE (19th Oct 2018): Released v2.6

There are a number of significant updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights mentioned below.


Phpgrid full version download
  • Overall User Interface Enhancement, Font-awesome Icons, Shaded border, Tooltips
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Automatic hiding of columns on small device breakpoints
  • Enhanced Excel Style navigation, just like Google Sheets & MS Excel with no saving delay.
  • Added Tooltips where required. Added ellipses (…) for long content.
  • Lookup search, Numeric Range search, Global search
  • Lookup edit type and it will result following searchable lookup dropdown.
  • Exporting single row (e.g. Sales receipts)
  • Predefined Search Templates
  • URL based grid filtering (filters permalink)
  • Directly Open Add Form, instead of grid
  • Read-only preset of grid (e.g. Reports) + Dark-One theme
  • Optimized Database drivers supported
  • And finally, great experience on modern browsers.

Notable Fixes & Updates:

  • Selecting specific field to map on imported CSV file
  • Updated Excel export library included
  • Updated PDF export library included
  • Updated Database Abstraction library included
  • Important Security Fixes (XSS, SQL injection)
  • Added set_titles function to override titles
  • Added rowheight property to increase row space
  • Security: File upload File Extension Filtering
  • Excel mode: On enter move down or next
  • Replaced CKeditor with Trumbowyg editor due to licensing limits
  • Auto remove uploaded image on close and cancel dialog
  • Excel view: Textarea shift enter for new line
  • Around 200 fixes and updates.

Get it from main PHP Grid website.

UPDATE (17th July 2016): Tons of New Features Updated …

Custom Forms: Sometime we need custom Add or Edit forms for data entry purpose. With this feature it’s now doable to connect your HTML Forms with PHP Grid and it will use PHP Grid API for add/edit operations.

Multiple Files Uploading: Now PHP Grid support multiple file upload option. You can multi-select the files as in screenshot and upload to server.

Firebird & SQLite Database Editor Support: These fast, slick and reliable databases will help in running portable apps with PHP Grid.

Phpgrid Full Version Download Free

Search with Multiple Group Conditions: We’ve added most robust and efficient complex searching method in PHPGrid.

Phpgrid Full Version Download

Grid with Vertical Header Text: When we have many columns in a grid with less amount of data in cells, there is a requirement to have vertical text in column headers to improve overall visibility.


Exporting selected Columns & Rows (at Runtime): Now you can export selected rows and columns at runtime. This means no code change, Export selection options are now on accessible with grid operations toolbar.

Php Grid Full Version Download

Multiselect Filter in PHPGrid: Filter columns having a dropdown with checkboxes to select multiple items. It also support textbox to quickly search your desired item within filter options. This is similar to excel like auto filtering.

Integrating Select2 with PHPGrid: Now you can use ‘Select2‘ control with PHP Grid’s Add or Update operations. Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes.


New Additions to Form Layout Design: You can have 2, 4, 6 column layout in your Add or Edit dialog forms of PHP Grid.

Multiple Subgrids at Same level: Added a new feature, that allow you to have multiple subgrids at same level.

UPDATE (2nd May, 2013): New Feature Updates
New features include Autocomplete option for fast data lookup, Column based formatting, Clone Records, Twitter Bootstrap Integration, Grouping Headers and File Upload Option. Visit official website for more

UPDATE (4th Feb, 2013): Released version v1.4.8 (for premium customers)
New featured examples include HTML / WYSIWYG editor integration, FancyBox integration, Loading Grid from phpArray, Conditional formatting, Conditional Data display, Controlling multiple detail grids from master, Server side validation, Custom client side validation, MySQLi support added. Visit official website for more Gta 5 10mb full setup.

PHP Ajax Data Grid component using JQGrid (based on JQuery). This library can generate fully featured CRUD application in record time.

This code will result in fully functional Jquery Grid (JqGrid) with …

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Search
  • Auto-filter
  • Sort
  • Pagination
  • Export
  • Multilevel Subgrid option (n-level)
  • Events for Add/Update/Delete Custom implementation
  • Multiple Themes (ThemeRoller)
  • and almost all features available for FREE … which cost $299 on official commercial license.
  • No time limitation

This component is highly customizable using option parameters, which can be added as needed.

You can get complete source code and subscription for priority support and updates from this link

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