Purple Disco Machine Zippyshare

This two-track release features Purple Disco Machine’s re-work of 2005 Defected classic ‘Swimming Places’ by Julien Jabre. With an unmistakable riff that will evoke nostalgia for all Defected fans, this mix gives the emotive track new life for 2019. Up next is another Purple Disco Machine edit, this time taking on Ilija Rudman featuring.

  • The sound of Purple Disco Machine describe some as 'Deep Funk'. In 2009 the project Purple Disco Machine was founded. In recent years, PDM composed many songs, including, 'My House', which was published by Off Recordings. The PDM hype was lifted to a new level in the summer of.
  • After launching his incredibly well received debut on Kittball, the 'Purple Pianos EP, at the beginning of 2015, the Dresden deep funkmeister Purple Disco Machine is back once again with a second masterpiece - the Tank Drop EP. This 2-tracker brilliantly showcases his individual heavy funk.

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My house purple disco machine zippyshare

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Purple Disco Machine Zippyshare


Whew! This is fing awesome

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Purple disco machine , you groove !

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C'est un hit cette chanson

Purple Disco Machine Body Funk Zippyshare

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When music was music.

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My House Purple Disco Machine Zippyshare


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