Radio Signal Decoders

Radio Signal Decoders

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Qtmm is a simple AFSK1200 decoder that uses the computer's sound card for input. It can be used to decode packet radio, APRS and telemetry from amateur radio satellites.

This page is devoted to identifying those SDRs that can either directly interface with various digital decoding programs, or DSP audio programs.For the purpose of this page, we are not considering the multi-kilobuck professional SDRs, as most hobbyists could never easily afford them.

  • The SAF360x is a monolithic integrated digital terrestrial radio processor. The SAF360x family includes different chip variants—SAF3600, SAF3601, SAF3602, SAF3604, SAF3606, SAF3607. The SAF360x provides reception, demodulation, audio decoding and application processing for various digital radio standards.
  • The SAF360x is a monolithic integrated digital terrestrial radio processor. The SAF360x family includes different chip variants—SAF3600, SAF3601, SAF3602, SAF3604, SAF3606, SAF3607. The SAF360x provides reception, demodulation, audio decoding and application processing for various digital radio standards. The SAF360x system-on-chip (SoC) is a next generation HD Radio/DAB/DAB+/T-DMB/ DRM solution for breakthrough in system integration and cost reduction.
  • The program can decode fraction-of-a-second signals reflected from ionized meteor trails and steady signals 10 dB below the audible threshold. Amateur Radio software for reception/transmission of JT65A protocol with an emphasis upon its usage in the High Frequency Amateur Bands.
  • ARQ-M, short for Automatic Repeat reQuest, Multiplex, is a radio telegraphy protocol used to reliably forward telex messages over partially reliable radio links. It is a low-speed system designed to match the performance of landline telex systems and allow those messages to be forwarded over long distances using shortwave radios. The first ARQ-M link was built in the Netherlands, and began.

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Ham Radio Digital Signal Decoder

Digital Decoding Software that can interface with SDRs

These programs can interface with the listed SDRs without the use of additional cables; some may require a set of DLLs to be installed. Please see the HF Software Decoders page for links for the software. Many of the SDRs listed here have links found in the SDRs with HF Coverage article.

  • Go2Decode
    • Microtelcom Perseus
    • RFSpace SDR-14, SDR-IQ
    • WinRadio G31DDCe, G33DDCe, G39DDCe

  • Go2Monitor
    • Microtelcom Perseus
    • RFSpace SDR-14, SDR-IQ
    • RTL-SDR
    • SDRPlay
    • WinRadio G31DDCe, G33DDCe, G39DDCe
    • See the Receivers section of the Go2Monitor Specifications for the SDRs supported by Go2Monitor and Go2Decode

  • Krypto500,1000
    • AFEDRI
    • Bonito RadioJet 1102
    • Cross Country SDR4+
    • Elad FDM-S1, FDM-S2
    • Microtelecom Perseus
    • RFSpace SDR products, including Cloud SDR and Cloud IQ
    • SDRPlay products
    • Software Radio Laboratory QS1R 'Quicksilver'
    • Numerous WinRadio products
    • See Wideband Receivers at ComInt Consulting for a full list

  • MixW
    • Funcube Dongle

  • MultiPSK (Note: requires installation of seperate DLLs)
    • Funcube Dongle
    • RTL-SDR
    • Softrock
    • Also see Connect the SDRPlay RSPs via TCP IP to Multipsk for SDRPlay SDRS

  • Radiocom6
    • Microtelecom Perseus
    • PM-SDR
    • RFSpace SDR-IQ, SDR-14
    • WinRadio G3 series

  • Sigmira
    • RFSpace SDR-IQ, SDR-14
    • RTL-SDR
    • SDRPlay RSP1

  • Sorcerer
    • Microtelecom Perseus
    • RFSpace SDR-14, SDR-IQ, SDR-IP
    • SRL-LLC QS1R 'Quicksilver'

  • Wavecom W-Code
    • Microtelecom Perseus
    • RFSpace Products
    • WinRadio G39DDC
    • WinRadio G33DDC

  • Wavecom W-Spectra
    • WinRadio G39DDC
    • WinRadio G33DDC
Vt radio decoder softwareRadio

Digital Signal Decoder

  • Yet Another DSC Decoder
    • Microtelecom Perseus

  • Yet Another NAVTEX Decoder
    • Microtelecom Perseus

DSP Audio Software that can interface with SDRs

These programs can, at a minimum, generate waterfalls of digital signals, but may also include other tools useful for analyzing an unknown digital signal.

  • QSpectrumAnalyzer
    • RTL-SDR

  • SpectraVue
    • RFSpace SDR-IQ, SDR-14, SDR-IP, NETSDR

  • Spectrum Lab
    • Microtelecom Perseus
    • SDR-IQ
    • Any SDR that supports ExtIO Addressing

  • Touchstone
    • RTL-SDR

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Whilst looking for digital decoders I read a review on the software package Sorcerer. Antivirus software for mac snow leopard. The software can be used with any HF receiver and allow you to decode a multitude of digital modes. You will find the standard FAX, CW, PSK and Olivia decoders, but also the Nato standard Stanag.

Whilst testing the software I centred the receiver on 127.5 Khz and decoded the European EFR data signal. The European EFR system is described on their website and uses 3 x 100 KW transmitters at Mainflingen 129.1 Khz, Burg 139 Khz and Lakihegy 135.6 Khz. Your dial frequency may vary a little depending on the location of the signals in your passband.

The EFR signal sounds like this.


You can download the free software. If you wanted to say thanks for hosting advert-free then a small donation would be most helpful online.

To decode EFR, run the program and select “Add Decoder” select EFR.

A setup guide is provided by the UXDF group.

Once received the decoded signal and Sorcerer software should look like this.

The development of Demand Side Management (DSM) and the history of Radio Ripple control and load management is also explained here.

The decoded text shows the time, date and hex address, and the message is transmitted every 10 seconds. The system is described in some detail in this PDF file.

The system can be used to remote control street lights and power load management.

Free Radio Code Decoder

The decoding software Sorcerer would seem to have been developed by Avonlea Services, although the web provides no trace of this company today.

I cant find any trace of the described website in the help file and therefore cant credit anyone with the software. I have hosted the software for free download on my site, although if you are the author please get in touch.

Radio Signal Decoder Software

The software is capable of decoding many modes including

Radio Signal Decoders

Sstv signal decoder

DPRK 600 bd FSK* EFR Telemeter
Facsimile (FAX) 60-90-120-240 LPM
Facsimile (FAX) B&W – Gray Scale
France-Inter Time Signal
Globe Wireless Dataplex Marker
Globe Wireless FSK & PSK
Greek 145bd 1265 Hz FSK*
Grintek DT-309
Harris RF-3560 PSTN TIU
Hellschreiber – Basic Hellschreiber – FELD
Hellschreiber – FM Hellschreiber- MT
Hellschreiber- Duplo Hellschreiber – PSK
HF Datalink (HFDL) ARINC 635
Israeli Tadiran Burst Message System*
Italian FSK Burst 600 bps*
Italian FSK 300/600 bd*
Italian FSK 1200 bd*
IRA-ARQ (includes Zip archive recovery)
MD-513B 16PSK MT63
MD-674 Asynchronous FSK
MD-1061 16PSK MD-1239 16PSK
MD-1268 16PSK MFSK8 & 16
Mil-Std 188-110A App A 16DPSK
Mil-Std 188-110A serial
Mil-Std 188-110A serial HRS variant
Mil-Std 55529A NB Asynchronous FSK
Mil-Std 55529A WB Asynchronous FSK
MSF Rugby Time Signal
Nokia M85200 M90*
OLIVIA (all submodes)

Radio Signal Decoder

Dave M0TAZ