Review Of Iskysoft Pdf Editor 6 Professional For Mac

I’ve tried lots of PDF editors on Windows and know what to expect when working with one. iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac hasn’t disappointed in any way as I’ve had a chance to use it in the last few days. As with other PDF editors, it offers all the features it should and gives you a little bit more.

Editing a PDF file shouldn’t be tough. There are tools that will only make a mess of your document, leaving you to keep trying alternatives. With iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro, you shouldn’t need another program to edit PDF files ever again.

Review Of Iskysoft Pdf Editor 6 Professional For Mac

ISkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional: A Powerful PDF Editor for Mac Working with PDFs can be tough, especially if you have to deal with dozens of documents each day. While the universal file format of PDF makes it is great for sharing and storing the documents, the file format does come with several problems. #paperless #notetaking #productivity You can purchase the software here: I use: 👩🏾‍💻 iPad pro 201.


Editing PDF documents with ease


Review Of Iskysoft Pdf Editor 6 Professional For Mac Review

Review of iskysoft pdf editor 6 professional for mac reviewIskysoft

To get started, it’s as easy and dragging and dropping the file to be edited into the program UI. At startup, you’re presented with four useful options. You can choose to edit your existing PDF files. In this mode, you can edit text, edit embedded images, completely remove pages, re-arrange pages, add watermark and much more. Pages that are out of proportion can be cropped, you can as well insert new blank pages.

You can also choose to convert PDF to other file formats, create a new PDF file or combine PDF documents.

Perform OCR

When your PDF file is actually a converted scanned document, editing may be impossible. This is exactly why iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro comes with an intelligent OCR feature. The character recognition is great and works well. Based on my interaction with this software, the optical character recognition can come in pretty handy.

Merge and split PDF files

Review Of Iskysoft Pdf Editor 6 Professional For Mac Free

If you have bits and pieces of PDF files you wish to turn into one big, organized file, this is just the program you need. iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro will not only let you merge different PDF files, it also lets you split files into different documents. As difficult as this sounds, it’s pretty easy to achieve with the program since the user interface is self-explanatory already.

Document conversion

In case you want your PDF file in Word format, it’s just a few clicks away. iSkysoft lets you easily convert any PDF file to Word, retaining the layout and formatting of the original PDF file. Apart from this, you can also convert to other formats such as Excel, PPT, EPUB, HTML and Text.

Other features

Almost all the most important features of this software have been mentioned but here are some more:

  • Create PDF from web pages, images or text files
  • Fill out PDF forms
  • Create PDF forms from free templates
  • Add password protection to PDF files and add comment

There are even more that can only be discovered using the program.


Before making up your mind to purchase, you can use iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro in trial mode. In this mode, some of the features are disabled but you should have an idea of what to expect in the full version. This PDF editor will set you back by $99. It’s a little bit pricey but with all the features packed into this single program, it’s definitely worth the bargain.

To get the trial version or purchase a license, you can visit iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro official website.