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Fender-Squier history in short
Jerome Bonaparte Squier and his son Victor Carroll Squier, two
English immigrants who started a violin building and repair company
in Boston in 1881.
In 1890 Victor opened a store in Battle Creek, Michigan and a short
time later a violin factory at 427 Capital Ave SW. (V.C. Squier Company).
Violin, banjo and guitar strings were also produced here.
In the early 1950s the company also started making strings for the electric guitars of Leo Fender and became in 1963 an official supplier
for Fender Electric Instruments. In 1965, shortly before the acquisition
of Fender by CBS, Fender purchased V.C. Squier Company.
Before the Fender Squier line of guitars was introduced in 1982,
Fender made cheaper guitars such as the Fender Lead series at its
plant in Fullerton, California.
Until the introduction of the Fender Squier series, Fender had never produced low-priced guitars based on the Stratocaster and Telecaster models. He had always used different model designs for the cheaper models.
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Fender was faced with competition from cheaper Japanese guitars.
Japanese labor and production costs were much lower than in America, and to compete with, Fender moved the cheaper Fender guitar production from America to Japan.
Sales in Japan were disappointing, Fender could not compete with Japanese competitors such as Tökai and Greco.
Fender started negotiations with various Japanese distributors of musical instruments and reached an agreement with Yamano
Gakki and Kanda Shokai to found Fender Japan.
One of the conditions of the agreement was that Kanda Shokai
stops producing its own Greco Fender guitars. Negotiations with Tökai were interrupted and FujiGen Gakki was chosen.
The first Squier models appeared in August 1982.
Over time, the Squier series has slowly evolved and contains
original model designs. The production has also been moved from Japan to various other Asian countries such as Korea, China, Indonesia and India.

Victor Carroll Squier

Most guitar manufacturers put a serial number on each instrument they produce. This number can be used to date a guitar and in some cases tell where it was made. Serial numbers tend to be stamped or written somewhere on the headstock or neck joint of the guitar. On some acoustic guitars, the serial number is on the inside of the sound hole. Schecter Diamond Series is a Trademark by Schecter Guitar Research, Inc., the address on file for this trademark is 1840 Valpreda Street, Burbank, CA 91504. The Schecter Diamond series is huge, and we’ve put together a super in-depth guide for you to get to know Schecter guitars, and which one might be for you! Banshee Elite The Banshee Elite line is the successor to the Banshee from a couple of years ago. The only place i've ever found to date any sigma's is in the martin history/ dating your martin, on the martin website. The only thing it says is that s/n's 908 were reserved for sigmas made in '81-'82. I've got a dh28 sigma with a s/n in that range. Added a bone saddle, its a great camp guitar. Apr 08, 2019 Columnist for Vintage Guitar Magazine. While the serial number information below refers only to instruments produced. The Guitar Dater Project - Epiphone Serial Number Decoder (Ver. Schecter Guitar Serial Number Lookup; Schecter Serial Number Search; 3.5) The Epiphone serial number decoder currently supports 12 serial number formats from 25.

Move the mouse up to the Disk Utility menu next to the Apple icon, choose the 'File' and from the down options, you will see the 'Open Disk Image.' Click on it and select the ISO files you want for. Two very important notes about DiskCopy: First, altough DiskCopy will successfully mount 400KB (MFS formated) single sided floppy disk images under Mac OS 7 and older, it will NOT mount them under Mac OS 8.1 to 9.2.2, so if you've got a very old 400KB disk image, the only option is to mount it under Mac. How to Mount an ISO Image on windows and mac. Click the ISO's name. In the left-hand column of the Finder, you should see your ISO's name appear below the 'Devices' heading; click it here to open the ISO. How to download and mount image mac.

Schecter Serial Number Dater


  • 00 Series = 006 Elite (2008), 007 Elite (2008)
  • C Series = c-1 Classic, C-1 Tremolo (2006 Only), C-1 Jolly Roger (2005 Only), C-1 30th Anniversary Model (2006 only), C-1 Exotic (2005 - 2006 only), C-1 Custom XXX (2005 only), C-1 E/A (2008), C-1 Elite (2008), C-1 Special (2007), C-1 Stealth, CB-2000 Celloblaster, C-7 Plus (discontinued), C/SH-1 (2007), C/SH-12 (2007 only)
  • S Series = S-1 DLX, S-1 30th Anniversary Model (2006 only), S-1 Elite (2008), S-1 Hot Rod, S-1 Scorpion Tribal Doubleneck, S-1 'Bada Bling', S-1 'Black Widow' (2005 only), S-1 'The Devil's Rejects' (2007 only), S-1 'Vampira' (2003 only).
  • Hellraiser Series = Avenger Hellraiser FR (available exclusively at Drum City - GuitarLand, Inc.)
  • Avenger Series = Avenger 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning' (only made in 2007)
  • Banshee Series = Banshee (2007)
  • Damien Series = Damien-7
  • Gryphon Series = Gryphon Limited Edition (2008), Gryphon-7
  • Hellcat Series = Hellcat (2008)
  • Hot Rod Series = Hot Rod '39
  • Artist Series = Jerry Horton C-1, Jerry Horton Tempest (2007 Only), PT 30th Anniversary Model (2006 only), PT Custom, Synyster Custom (White w/ Gold Stripes, only 100 made), Vengeance Special (2008), Vengeance Standard (Zacky Vengeance signature model, 2007 only)
  • PT Series = PT Elite, PT Blackjack
  • Aviation Collection = Spitfire-6, S-1 'RAF Spitfire' (2006 only), Tempest 'Midway' (2006 only), PT 'Bottoms Up!' (2006 only), Tempest 'A-10 Warthog' (2007 only), Ultra 'F-117 Stealth' (2007 only), Ultra 'P-51' (2006 only)
  • Tempest Series = Tempest 30th Anniversary Model (2006 only), Tempest Deluxe, Tempest 'New Orleans Saints NFL Katrina Relief' (only made in 2005), Traditional 30th Anniversary (2006 only)
  • Unknown Series = V-7, A-5X Celloblaster, A-7, SW-3500 (2007), T-1M33

Schecter Diamond Series Serial Numbers


Schecter Serial Identifier


  • Acoustic Elite (2008)
  • Diamond ACS Acoustic (2008)


Schecter Serial Number Dater


Schecter Serial Number Dater 88

  • Gryphon (Limited US 'Guitar Center' run)
  • Ultrabass , C-4XXX (2005 only)