Skanit Software 4.1 User Manual

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4.1 Creating Citations

In order to create a citation, press C-c [. RefTeX thenprompts for a regular expression which will be used to search throughthe database and present the list of matches to choose from in aselection process similar to that for selecting labels(see Referencing Labels).

SW6000 Conference Management Software User Manual. 6 expanded with the ‘ SW6000 -VOTE Parliamentary Voting’ module. The ‘CDA Conference Display Application’ is used for displaying content for the audience or participants in the meeting. Up to 16 CDA applications (instances) can be used simultaneously in SW6000. To open the software, click the SkanIt Software shortcut on the desktop. For detailed installation steps, see the Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software for Microplate Readers Technical Manual. Main Elements The main elements in the software are the application menu, the Session tree and the task ribbon. EZWrite 4.1 is a writing and annotation application that allows you to treat the touchscreen like an interactive, multi-functional blackboard/whiteboard. EZWrite 4.1 supports 10-point touch. Icon Function Description Exit Click to exit EZWrite 4.1. Save Click to save. Get the latest owner's manuals, firmware and software updates for you Samsung devices in one easy-to-navigate location: the Samsung Download Center.

The regular expression uses an extended syntax: ‘&&’ defines alogic and for regular expressions. For example‘Einstein&&Bose’ will match all articles which mentionBose-Einstein condensation, or which are co-authored by Bose andEinstein. When entering the regular expression, you can complete onknown citation keys. RefTeX also offers a default when prompting fora regular expression. This default is the word before the cursor or theword before the current ‘cite’ command. Sometimes this may be agood search key.

RefTeX prefers to use BibTeX database files specified with abibliography macro to collect its information. Just likeBibTeX, it will search for the specified files in the current directoryand along the path given in the environment variable BIBINPUTS.If you do not use BibTeX, but the document contains an explicitthebibliography environment, RefTeX will collect itsinformation from there. Note that in this case the informationpresented in the selection buffer will just be a copy of relevantbibitem entries, not the structured listing available withBibTeX database files.

In the selection buffer, the following keys provide special commands. Asummary of this information is always available from the selectionprocess by pressing ?.


Show a summary of available commands.


Prefix argument.

Moving around

Go to next article.


Go to previous article.

Access to full database entries

Show the database entry corresponding to the article at point, inanother window. See also the f key.


Toggle follow mode. When follow mode is active, the other window willalways display the full database entry of the current article. This isequivalent to pressing <SPC> after each cursor motion. With BibTeXentries, follow mode can be rather slow.

Selecting entries and creating the citation

Insert a citation referencing the article at point into the buffer fromwhich the selection process was started.


Clicking with mouse button 2 on a citation will accept it like <RET>would. See also variable reftex-highlight-selection, Options (Misc).


Mark the current entry. When one or several entries are marked,pressing a or A accepts all marked entries. Also,<RET> behaves like the a key.


Unmark a marked entry.


Accept all (marked) entries in the selection buffer and create a singlecite macro referring to them.


Accept all (marked) entries in the selection buffer and create aseparate cite macro for each of it.


Create a new BibTeX database file which contains all marked entriesin the selection buffer. If no entries are marked, all entries areselected.


Create a new BibTeX database file which contains all unmarkedentries in the selection buffer. If no entries are marked, all entriesare selected.

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Enter a citation key with completion. This may also be a key which doesnot yet exist.


Show insertion point in another window. This is the point from where youcalled reftex-citation.


Exit the selection process without inserting a citation into thebuffer.

Updating the buffer

Start over with a new regular expression. The full database will berescanned with the new expression (see also r).


Refine the current selection with another regular expression. This willnot rescan the entire database, but just the already selectedentries.

In order to define additional commands for this selection process, thekeymap reftex-select-bib-map may be used.

Note that if you do not use Emacs to edit the BibTeX database files,RefTeX will ask if the related buffers should be updated once itdetects that the files were changed externally. If you do not want tobe bothered by such queries, you can activate Auto Revert mode for thesebuffers by adding the following expression to your init file:

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Skanit Software 4.1 User Manual

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