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Are you looking for something to earn? Worry no more because you can start your e-load business as a part time if you're already working, studying, or any normal duties you're doing. You can also make it a full time e-load business if you have a computer shop, sari-sari store or you just want to have a reloading station for all networks or for personal use.
Loadcentral provides a multi-network e-loading business along with e-pins for online games, call cards' pin, and internet prepaid load selling. You don't have to go in every business center of the network providers just to buy a retailer sim card and reload your account. You can also save because you don't have to use lot of cellphones to make a sale for your customers' demand for different networks because you can do it with just 1 LOADCENTRAL REGISTERED SIM CARD FOR ALL NETWORKS.
You can also maximize your small CAPITAL because you only need to reload a 1 account instead of 3 different networks and save time because Loadcentral has lot of payment methods to be used. You don't need to record your daily sales because there's a generated transaction report that can do the work. You don't have to worry for the updates because we'll keep you updated for the latest news and updates regarding Loadcentral.
Just follow these steps to start the e-Loading Business:
1. Like us on Facebook
2. Follow us on Twitter
3. Register here for free!
4. Buy Load Credits to replenish your account (Click here)
5. Download and review the Latest Product Denomination Discount Structure (Click here)
6. Start Selling! (HOW TO MAKE A SALE? CLICK HERE)

If you have a store location, please contact your Provincial Distributor or Distributor Sales Personnel (DSP) to buy Smart load wallet. For retailers without store location, you may visit the nearest 7-11 store.

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  1. One Sim Retailer: Uses one cellphone only (Uses new retailer sim card capable of loading all networks).SMART LOAD 11-13%.GLOBE and SUN CELLULAR: 11-13% 4. Master Dealership (Choose between new retailer or retain old number) NEW RETAILER SIM: Dealer gets 1% add-on for every reload of retailer to his/her load wallet.
  2. RETAILER SIM ACTIVATION for System User and get a promo of BUY 1 TAKE 5!Product Details:₱300.00 SIM Activation Free 100 Initial Load Wallet ( Can Load All.
  3. Smart phone lang at internet good to go na ang LoadCentral business mo! Now, let’s go straight to the point shall we? You have 2 (two) options. Option #1 – Be a LoadCentral Prepaid Load Retailer. Option #2 – Be a LoadCentral Subdealer / Wallet Load Supplier. Furthermore, I will explain the difference between these 2 types of prepaid eLoad.
  4. These are the available prepaid load packages that retailers can sell to Smart Prepaid and Talk 'N Text subscribers: (As of September 2019) SMART PREPAID (text RETAILER KEYWORDRETAILER KEYWORDLOAD (text RETAILER KEYWORDSMART.
To get the lifetime discount or if just want to sell loads to others. you need to:
this is powered by LOAD CENTRAL which is the fastest universal prepaid
platform in the philippines.
Benefits for having your own RETAILER or PERSONAL RETAILER:
-you sell yourself and sell othersprepaid load products such as cellphone prepaid, call cards, gaming cards,internet cards, and other prepaid load. Retailing can be done through onecellphone and one SIM, or through the use of the webtool. No more need to buyexpensive retailer SIM from Globe, Smart, and Sun and no more need to maintainany physical card inventory.
-Up to 8% discount on cellphone prepaid products.
-Up to 15% discount on online games prepaid products.
-Up to 23% on other prepaid load products.

-Minimum of PhP100 for every load walletreplenishment thru Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc.
-only one requirement: AnyPostpaid/Prepaid/Retailer/Regular SIM card of any network that has not beenactivated yet to LoadCentral (Load Central).
- you could also use other devices to load yourself such as PC, LAPTOP, Ipad etc. that uses internet. through the use of webtool-based transactions of load central.

MY OFFER OF ONE SIMCARD LOAD ALL NETWORKS and other 400 products: (powered by loadcentral)
1.FREE REGISTRATION. Other Load Central Agents and other load companies charge aregistration fee that costs around PhP 200 and up. You may register using yourcurrent SIM. There's no more need to buy expensive retailer SIMs and extracellphones.

2. LOW CAPITAL. Will help youstart your load business at the lowest capital that you can afford. While otherload companies and other Load Central agents require you to purchase a minimumof PhP 1,000 for load wallet replenishment, We accept at a minimum of PhP 100 load wallet.
3. COMMON LOAD WALLET. Traditionalloading has separate load wallets which you cannot use to load online games andother prepaid products. Traditional loading may give you higher discountscompared to the discounts given by Load Central. However, with Load Central'scommon load wallet, your fund is utilized faster than those of a traditionalretailer.
For example, a traditional retailer maintains 3 separate load wallets. Assumingthat Globe and Smart are the best selling prepaid load. Two wallets are onlyutilized for selling load products to Smart and Globe network subscribers. Ifthe retailer ran out of Smart load wallet, traditional retailers cannot use thefund of the third wallet (Sun) to sell load products to your customers needingSmart prepaid load (as well as Globe load). Therefore, the third wallet remainsstagnant and does not generate any income.
Load Central has a common wallet that can be utilized to sell load products toall networks, all online games, and other prepaid load. This means that yourfund is utilized faster. Faster utilization of funds means faster generation ofincome.
4. NO MINIMUM MONTHLY LOAD AND INVENTORYREQUIREMENTS. Compared to other companies, Load Central doesnot have sales quota for retailers and does not require you to have anymaintaining balance. Other companies may also charge you once you have failedto meet their requirements.
5. FAST LOADING TIME. Load Centralis the fastest universal load platform in the country. Its service iscurrently used by popular internet cafe chains (Netopia, ExCel, Mineski,etc.) and other companies

By Activating your simcard number for FREE!!!!!..
Send yourdetailedinformation to my email: [email protected] or message me through my FB: [email protected] or txt me at: 09272784665
You must include in your email or FB message or thru txt:
-Last Name
-First Name
-Cellphone Number ( most important need this for activation)

Note: this are important details so that I could register youas retailer.
Wait for a text confirmation from Load Central to knowyou’ve been registered. Ill email you also or through FB message.Once you've sent your request to be a retailer. I will send you instructions thru youremail and FB,. the links on how to sell prepaid loads and others using your activatedsim powered by load central via celphones or PC’s ordevices that can access internet.and also on how to replenish your load wallet.

No. Any mobile number (Smart, Talk N' Text, Globe, TouchMobile, Sun) can be registered as a Load Central retailer number. All types ofSIM card are accepted.
How can I start selling the Load Central way?

Smart Retailer

You can start selling the Load Central way after yourretailer account has been activated.
How can I replenish my account?

You may purchase load wallet credits directly from LoadCentral S.A bank accounts like BDO, METROBANK, BPI, SMART MONEY.

How will I know of new products carried by Load Central?

Thru FBpage, via Webtool Crawler. here are the links:,

How will I know about the discounts carried by Load Central?

We will give you a copy of the Retailer Discount Structure thru ur email or u may check it at the webtool page.

What happens if I forgot my FL/SL securities?

Using your registered number just type the following:
RESET<SPACE>WEBTOOL send to 09285067310 for Webtool(SL)
Monday to Friday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Smart Load Wallet Retailer Activation Number

What happens if my retailer SIM and/or mobile phone are lostor stolen? What happens to my remaining wallet load?
You must immediately notify us so we can deactivate or blockyour mobile number. You must then request us to register another mobile numberas your new retailer SIM. Send us a copy of your valid ID so we could theninform Load Central by a written notice (fax or email) and request that theremaining balance in your old registered number be transferred to your new one.
How can I get a transaction report?
You can generate your own sales transaction report thru theLoad Central webtool.

Key Smart Wallet

What must I do for ACCESS DENIED errors on my webtool?
This happens when there are several unsuccessful loginattempts to your Load Central webtool account or when you have similar FL andSL securities. Make sure you have different FL and SL. Using your registerednumber just type the following RETOFF<SPACE>FL Security and send to anyof the Load Central access numbers.

If you have other questions or concerns txt or call me: 09272784665-paul

Be careful of scammers.
Beware of fake and exaggerated advertisements found in otherwebsites.
Be careful of offers that gives higher product discounts.LoadCentral discounts can only be modified by LoadCentral itself. No person canalter these discounts.

Smart Load Wallet Retailer Activation Key

Smart Load Wallet