Tacx Training Software 4

  • Become a better athlete and explore the world with the Tacx indoor training software! Enjoy a library filled with high quality training films, structured training plans, GPS workouts, tools to analyse.
  • .Tacx Trainer Software 4 (TTS4) is discontinued and no longer supported. As of March 31, 2019, software development for Tacx Trainer Software 4 ended. As of January 1st, 2020, the ability to unlock Tacx trainer software 4 ended.
  • Listen to Tacx Trainer Software 4 0.47 and 182 more episodes by Marc Esserman Mayhem In The Morra Pdf Download, free! No signup or install needed. Can I use the Tacx Training app with my trainer?

Tacx deprecated TTS4 in 2019 as they moved to their cloud-based RLV trainer software, TDA. While TDA offers some great features and superb video experiences, TTS4 still provides some value for those who had built up extensive libraries of videos, use the local-LAN multiplayer features and Zwift-like VR worlds.

The Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced is the most complete software package currently available, with many extra options to make your indoor training sessions more enjoyable and more exciting. Training programs In the TTS, you can create your own training programs based on slope, power output or heart rate.

Tacx have discontinued support of TTS4 and decommissioned the license server. Meaning new installations cannot be registered. Pre-2020 registered users, can continue to use TTS, but should back up their license files in case of future issues. If not, you will not be able to reinstall the application.

The following features in TTS 4 will no longer work:
– License activation/deactivation;
– Online multiplayer;
– use of Google services (maps, street view) during GPS rides;
– BikeNet

Tacx tts4 download

Where can I download TTS4.23 and the last patch?
How do I backup my existing pre-activated TTS4 License?
How can I reinstall TTS 4?
How can I move TTS4 from one computer to another computer?
How can I run TTS4 directly (without the launcher)?
How can I remove the News feature in TTS4?
My TTS4 gets stuck during startup!
My TTS4 VR freezes with a blue screen!


Where can I download Tacx TTS4.23?

We do not endorse or support software piracy, you will need your pre-activated licenses in order to use the software

How do I backup my existing pre-activated TTS4 license?

1. Goto to C:ProgramDataTacxTrainerSoftwareTTS4
2. Copy the following files tts4.lic or tts4b.lic
3. Make a note of the computer name
4. Keep them safe – without these you cannot reinstall and use TTS4 on the same or new computer

Tacx Training Software 4

How can I reinstall TTS4?

Pre-activated license file
Name of the computer on which the license was activated
The TTS4 software

Installation on new Computer
1. Change the name of the computer to match the pre-activated license computers name
2. Install the TTS 4.23 software and 4.23.1 patch
3. Delete the two new license files (tts4.lic and tts4b.lic) created by TTS4, located in C:ProgramDataTacxTrainerSoftwareTTS4
4. Copy your pre-activated license files into the same folder

How do I move TTS4 to another computer?

To move TTS4 from one computer to another, you need to copy the following folders:
– the ‘TacxTrainerSoftware4’ folder (C:Program Files (x86)Tacx)
– the ‘Common’ folder to (C:Program Files (x86)Tacx)
– the ‘TTS4’ folder to (C:ProgramDataTacxTrainerSoftware)
– the ‘Se7en Soft’ folder to (C:ProgramData)
The following components may need to be installed, these can be found in the ISSetupPrerequisites subfolder in the full TTS4 installer:
– Jungo drivers*
– DirectX 9.0
– FFDShow 3154
– Microsoft .NET Framework
– Microsoft Visual C++
– Windows Installer
– XNA Framework 3.0
*Note: if the drivers are required, run ‘TacxDriversSetup.exe’ (C:Program Files (x86)TacxTacxTrainersoftware4TacxDrivers) as Administrator.

How can I run TTS4 directly, bypassing the Launcher?

Since Tacx withdrew support for TTS4, the launcher is redundant. Hence removing the launcher will speed up opening TTS4.
– Create a shortcut to the main executable file of TTS4 (C:Program Files (x86)TacxTacxTrainersoftware4TrainerSoftware.exe) and place it on your desktop
– To add it to the ‘Windows Start bar’, simply right-click on the shortcut and select ‘Pin to Start’
– To add it to ‘Quick access’, right click on the shortcut and select ‘Pin to Quick access’

How can I remove the News Feature in TTS4?

Since Tacx withdrew support for TTS4, the News feature is redundant.
To remove the news feature:
– Open TTS4 and click ‘Setup’ in the top panel
– Click on ‘General’ and change the ‘Latest News’ option to off
In addition, you can switch off:
– Search for Updates
– Collect Usage Statistics
– Clear the TTS4 Cache folder contents (C:ProgramDataTacxTrainerSoftwareTTS4Cache)

Tacx Training Software 4

My TTS4 gets stuck at startup

Tacx Training Software 4.0

Generally TTS4 gets stuck during startup, as it reads all the saved rides. This can be remedied simply by doing some basic housekeeping. Move or Copy any important rides to another location and delete the contents of the following folders:



My TTS4 VR freezes with a blue screen!

Tacx Trainer Software 4 Activation Key

This can happen when the versions of the two TTS4 executable files do not match.

Lunicus Tacx

To check the versions:
– Right click on the TacxVR.exe in C:Program Files (x86)TacxTacxTrainersoftware4TacxVR and select ‘Properties’ and click on the ‘Details’ tab
– Right click on the TrainerSoftware.exe in C:Program Files (x86)TacxTacxTrainersoftware4TacxVR and select ‘Properties’ and click on the ‘Details’ tab

Tacx Trainer Software 4 Basic Free Download

If the versions do not match, you will need to reinstall TTS4.

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