Web Based Torrent Client

One of the most enjoyable benefits to have its own server might come from the ease to download any torrents (Especially some free GNU/Linux distribution) through a nice web interface accessible anywhere and then just go home and have your torrents waiting for you.

ΜTorrent, also commonly spelled uTorrent, is a popular BitTorrent client owned and operated by BitTorrent Inc. For many years, it was one of the best, if not the best, torrent client you. UTorrent is currently distributed as a standalone client - but the next major version will run in users' default web browser, promising an improved user experience, and a broader range of features. TorrentVolve is a cross-platform PHP-driven web-based BitTorrent client. It focuses on speed and reliability, while also providing a full feature set. It includes a user management system, a Torrent file manager, and a configurable Torrent downloader. BitTorrent has officially released µTorrent Web, a web-based torrent client for Windows which makes it possible to download and play torrents inside the browser.

The 3 most popular torrents clients with Web Interface are Deluge, Rtorrent and Transmission. Let me tell you what are my preferences.

1) Deluge Torrent:

Deluge Torrent is for me the best compromise between a very powerful torrent client (like Rtorrent) and a very simple torrent client (Like Transmission).

Deluge’s performance is very good as I used to seeds 3000+ torrents of Creative Commons content (From Joomla) when I was promoting .ogg files on the platform, with a fancy web interface, good support and yet easy to install and configure.

2) Rtorrent

Web based torrent client linux

Rtorrent is for me the most powerful torrent client: Powerful command line interface, can handle 5000+ torrents, with several possible web interfaces as Wtorrent or Rutorrent for my 2 favorites, with multi user support, etc… but can be difficult to install…

3) Transmission Bitorrent
Transmission is for me the safe one, easy to install quite powerful and good enough (Nice command line interface, good Web UI, …) but a bit too simple with not enough options.

Deluge is basically my favourite client for either Server or Desktop on either Linux, Windows or even Mac and here is how to install it on your server.


As root user (su) type:

and accept the dependencies.

This will install the version at this date on my Debian Stable system.


To improve a bit the security and be more flexible, it’s better to create a dedicated deluge user to run this service and its dedicated log files. Still using root user (su), type:

and create deluge configuration file: (Still in root)

and copy/paste the following configuration:


And save (Using CTRL+X, then Y)

Now, create the Init script to be able to start/stop the daemon easily with the configuration you

and copy/paste:

Web-based Torrent Clients

It will use the port 9092 in this case and thus you will have to open it into your router configuration to allow inbound connection. (Change the line 25 if you want to modify the port)

Then, make this script executable: (Still as root user)

add the script in your boot startup list:

and start it:

You should now have access to your working Deluge Torrent Web User Interface at http://myip:9092

Web-based Torrent Client

The password will be “deluge”.

Online Bittorrent

At your first login, a pop up will recommend you to change this password, just click Yes to do it. Macbook pro external graphics card.