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How to Sync Your Mac Desktop With Dropbox, or Any Other Cloud Service. If you’re syncing between your Mac and a Windows PC, you need to start on the Mac side. On your Mac, you’ll need to create a symbolic link, which needs to be done before the Windows side of things. This will keep your Desktop in its correct location in macOS, but also. Download Backup and Sync for Mac Download Backup and Sync for Windows. Hello friends, Today I will share 10 best file sync software of 2019. Users can sync all files and folder on their Windows PC/Laptops. All these software will work on every Windows computer. It will synchronize data on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. You can sync the external drive.

Windows phones are the cellular phones introduced by some of the companies which include HTC, Nokia, Microsoft, and some other. The specialty about windows phones is that they are based on the famous operating system 'Windows'. Windows phones include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 phones are now the latest in the family.

The user interface in Windows phones are based on live tiles view. So, the things on your screen will appear not so still, including updates being updated every now and then. Moreover, the Windows OS for phones is a light weight OS and hence, the smoothness of using a Windows phone UI is a vanilla experience.

Data management; pc suite for windows phones:

As the technology advances, the more and more users become needy of data management and also, data security. The amounts of data being stored on ones Windows phone can be crucial to a particular user, so he or she may want to backup and save their data in case of emergencies. Hence, they can backup the data on their windows phone through a synchronization software generally named 'pc suite'. Pc Suite basically reads everything on your windows phone, from there, it can recognize the files, the contacts, calendars, apps and everything. Any pc suite gives you the option of then moving files in between your personal computer and your windows phone, which then helps you save and backup the data on your windows phone so that it is not lost.

Let's take a look on the best available pc suite for windows phones.

Part 1: The Best Free PC Suite for Windows Phone

1. MobileGO by Wondershare - The Best Pc suite for windows Phone:

It is rated as the best pc suite for windows Phone. It works on both Windows as well as mac on your personal computer. Wondershare MobileGO is totally free to download (trial version) for you to try out. Pc suite for windows phone comes with many perks. The main perks of getting Wondershare MobileGO as a pc suite for your windows phone have been listed below for you. Synchronization of windows phone data is possible with advanced compatibility options.

Android Manager - One Stop Solution to Manage Your Mobile Lifestyle

  • One click to download, manage, import & export, transfer your music, photos and videos.
  • De-duplicate contacts, switch devices, manage your app collection, backup & restore and send messages from your desktop
  • Mirror your android device to send messages, and play Android games on your computer
  • Transfer Files among your mobile devices without limit
  • Optimze your device on the go with the MobileGo app.

Interface of the pc suite for windows phone - MobileGO by Wondershare looks like:


  1. Best, and a complete Pc suite for windows phone.
  2. Mac and Windows compatible.
  3. Compatible with all Windows Phone Smart Phones.
  4. Easily connect. USB or Wi-Fi, both are available.
  5. Forum discussions can actually help do great things with your Windows Phone smart phone.


  1. Paid. The license can be purchased against time based subscriptions, or lifetime version. The lifetime license can be purchased for $29.95.

Part 2.The otner Best Free Windows Phones PC Suite

Windows phone sync mac download cnet

1. Mobiledit:

Mobiledit made into our list because of its elegant user interface and it's some other good features which are definitely advanced than those pc suite for windows phone which have been made by Microsoft itself.

Windows phone sync mac download version

Here's how Mobiledit looks:


Download gta 5 for pc. So let's put an insight to Mobiledit as the pc suite for windows, it has got the following features:

  1. Copy to Another Phone: It can copy your windows phone to another phone regardless of the OS or model of that other phone. Any other phone can be copied to your Windows Phone as well.
  2. Contacts: Manage your contacts through this pc suite for windows phone - Mobiledit. You can back up, sync, add new, and delete existing your contacts as well.
  3. Backup: Backup your Windows phone to your personal computer. All your data including contacts, text messages, and other files including multimedia will be backed up to your personal computer.
  4. Multimedia Editing: This pc suite for windows phone is equipped with basic multimedia editor from where you can apply some basic edits to your windows phone multimedia files.
  5. Application Manager: Manage all the applications install on your Windows Phone and update them through internet.


  1. Elegant UI based on live tiles.
  2. Complete basic package, better than Microsoft’s own pc suite for windows phone.
  3. Compatibilty with windows phones is good.


  1. Premium version is not free.
  2. Lacks advanced features such as root access and stuff for every phone.

2. Microsoft Zune PC Suite

This software acts as only the pc suite for windows 7. Therefore, if you're unhappy with your windows phone, which has Windows 7 installed on it and not the later versions, do not worry. Microsoft Zune is here to save the day.

Here's how it looks:


Let's take a look on its features:

  1. Contacts: Sync your contacts with your outlook account on your personal computer. This will back them up there and you can access them from your pc now.
  2. Phone Update: The software on your phone will be upgraded to the latest updates available for your Windows phone 7. This is a nice way to upgrade the software of your windows phone
  3. Sync: Sync everything on your windows phone 7 through this pc suite for windows - Microsoft Zune. Synchronize the multimedia, the photos and the audios with your personal computer having windows.
  4. Get Applications: You can also download from internet and install the applications for your windows phone 7 through this pc suite for windows phone 7.


  1. Best pc suite for windows phone 7.
  2. Made by Microsoft.


  1. Works only with windows phone 7.

3. Windows Phone 7, 8, 8.1

Windows Phone Sync Mac Download

If your personal computer is not yet upgraded to Windows 10, then this is probably the pc suite for windows phone that best suites you. It has got compatibility with Windows phone 7, 8, 8.1.


Here's roughly how windows phone app looks like:


Let's talk features of this pc suite for windows phone:

Sync Phone To Computer Windows 10

  1. Automatic Sync: The photos, audios and videos will automatically be copied to your personal computer as soon as you connect your windows phone to it.
  2. Move: You can move the music and even ringtones, podcasts, and other multimedia files in between your personal computer and windows phone.
  3. Sync with iTunes: You can now even sync your windows phone with iTunes through this pc suite for windows phone.


Windows Phone Sync Mac Download Windows 10

  1. Made by Microsoft.


  1. Not an advance pc suite for windows phone.
  2. Old fashioned now.

Windows Phone Sync Mac Download Mac


The best pc suite for windows phone is definitely MobileGO by Wondershare. It has got a trial version which expires after 10 days. But bny then, you would already be a fan of MobileGo by Wondershare. There are many reasons why we recommend Wondershare MobileGO as a pc suite for windows phone. Clearly, Microsoft's own pc suite for windows phone are not reliable and they create a hassle everytime if you have a windows phone 7 or windows phone 8 and so on. But this pc suite for windows phone - MobileGO by Wondershare is hassle free and it is very advanced.

Windows 10 Phone Sync

The reasons behind this conclusion:

  1. It has a universal compatibility for windows phones.
  2. It is compatible with both mac and windows.
  3. It can be purchased and can be used with any other phone in the world. Android, iOs, anything.
  4. It has got the best and the most advanced features in a pc suite.
  5. It weighs out all other pc suite for windows phone by a clearly evident margin.